Le Service Pack 2 pour Exchange 2000 (SP2) a été publié par Microsoft. Il s'agit d'un pack qui contient l'ensemble des patchs présents dans le SP1. Il corrige également de nouveaux bugs, et apporte diverses améliorations.

En vrac :

-New and Improved for Internet Explorer 5 and Later
-New item notification : Displays status of new items in the user inbox.
-Reminders : Reminds users of appointments and meetings.
-Search : Allows users to search for message content in mailboxes and public folders, and leverages content indexing functionality, if it is enabled on the database. - - - -Calendar : Includes added support for printing of daily, weekly, and monthly views, and improved performance.
-Folders and views

Includes the following functionality :
-Faster tree control
-Maintain selected items when sorting columns or deleting items
-Keyboard access to navigate your mailbox: , , ,
-Next and previous item when reading mail
-Allow users to sort a column by From and Subject and then type a few characters to move to the first matching item


Téléchargez le SP2 version française pour Exchange 2000 Serveur et Exchange 2000 Entreprise (173 Mo)

Téléchargez le SP2 version française pour 2000 Conferencing Server (11,5 Mo)