Windows 7 pin folder

Hi i know it's a windows vista newsgroup but i did not find the windows 7

Now i want to know if there is something that i can do with the new taskbar
in windows 7

A lot of my user in xp use the taskbar to put folder shortcut. In windows 7
the can't !

I know that if we put explorer c:path_folder, we can then pin the folder on
the taskbar

But my problem with that is that not all user are good enought to do that :)

Is there a registry tweak or something else to be able to allow to pin
anything on the taskbar ???

Thanks alot for your help

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Le #21643251
Create a New folder anywhere, I.E. StartTask under Program File
Copy any shortcut in this folder, or in subfolder of this folder.
After this :
click right on taskbar => add new taskbar
entrer previously created folder as requested.
That is enough

The new task bar is available on the right, near >>,
Click on it , you have the list of all shortcuts entered.

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