Voici la dernière version du client Bittorrent.

Pour rappel, Bittorrent est un nouveau protocole P2P, qui assure une vitesse de téléchargement élevée.
Il est d'ailleurs de plus en plus utilisé, notamment pour la diffusion de démos de jeux, ou bien encore de distributions Linux.

Version 2.6.7

* Now using BitTornado 0.2.0
* Client ID reports as: ABC-2.6.7 (ABC 2.6.7 BitTornado 0.2.0 based)
* Create Torrent fixed
* Turning scrape on should work now
* Build with non-unicode version of wxPython (Win98/ME should work now)
* Uses better looking icon
* About Box updated

Version 2.6.6-2.6.6a
* Fixed bug in 2.6.6 that prevented Local Upload Settings dialog from appearing
* Enlarged status bar area for Total DL/UL to fit higher speeds
* Fixed, some bugs
* Minimized into Tray is back
* Display refreshes less slightly often
* Scrape is turned off by default to ease burden on servers (can be turned on in options)
* Smarter queue rules (doesn't queue torrents that would immediately resume)
* Smarter upload distribution (doesn't allocate bandwidth to torrents with no connected peers)
* Still using Shad0W's Bittorrent Core (S-5.8.11) (Update to BitTornado core coming soon)

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