Quelques jour seulement après la version 2.0, Boot XP est disponible en téléchargement dans une nouvelle version 2.1.

Pour rappel, ce programme permet de changer très facilement les écrans de boot sous l'ensemble des OS Windows.

Les corrections apportées par cette version sont les suivantes :

- Fixed a bug that make impossible that BootXPv2 can run, this bug was triggered when you make a "Reinstall Of BootXP" in the boot.ini
- Fixed a crash that occurs when drag and drop image files that need to be converted
- Fixed a crash that occurs when you uses a TIFF with LZW compression
- Fixed a bug that make impossible to drag and drop NTOSKRNL files and Zipped NTOSKRNL files
- Added the functionality of use any type of zipped bootscreen, not only NTOSKRNL files
- Added the feature to view the selected boot screen from the BootXP.net list with a click from BootXP interface
- Optimized code (smaller size and zero risk of crashes when converting JPGs and other formats) but now you need to have this DLLs: MFC70.DLL, MSVCR70.DLL, and MSVCI70.DLL (all of them are available in download page)
- Added the option to export the converted boot screen to BMP Format.


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