Une nouvelle version du célèbre logiciel de gravure Clone CD est disponible en téléchargement sur le site d'Elaborate Bytes.

Cette version apporte son lot de nouveautés :

Added Emulation of weak sectors
Added Emulation of Digital Signatures in Subchannel Data
With weak sector emulation and Digital Signature emulation you don't need to care about the capabilities of your reader or writer!
Copy protections with weak sectors can be copied with any writer!
Copy protections using subchannel data can be copied with any reader! There is no need for reading subchannel data anymore!
Added display of weak sectors in Logbook
Added "Protected PC Game" Emulation profile
Majorly improved Hide CDR Media
Added Emulation of weak sectors to Hide CDR Media
Added Emulation of digital signature in subchannel data to Hide CDR Media
Pop-up help no longer uses HTML Help, because it seems to be broken in Windows XP SP1 and Windows 2000 SP3
Internet Explorer no longer needs to be installed for Pop-up help to work
Removed "TOC Adjustment" Dialog which only confused users of TwinPeaks. CloneCD will now decide what to do automatically
Added support for foreign codepages in Virtual CloneDrive settings in CloneCDTray
Changed Virtual CloneDrive to cause less conflicts with broken SCSI Adapter drivers
Fixed bug in Virtual CloneDrive which caused a conflict with Intel Application Acceleration Drivers (or other 3rd party drivers)
Reduced Memory fragmentation in Virtual CloneDrive (Windows NT/2000/XP)
Reduced Memory and CPU use in ElbyCDIO (Windows 2000/XP)
Hopefully solved possible hang after operation on Windows 9X/ME
Changed Audio profile to not read subchannel data anymore. This speeds up reading with many drives and might give better results
Updated language files: Russian, Catalan, Czech, Greek, French, Macedonian, Norge, Polish, Turkish and others
Added ElbyCDIO Control program to set ElbyCDIO default behaviour

La principale nouveauté de cette version concerne la correction de bugs et l'ajout d'une option "CD de jeu protégé".

Cette version propose également la possibilité de mettre à jour une ancienne version 4.0 de Clone CD.
A noter que cette version supporte le français.