Customizer XP est une suite de programmes qui permet de tweaker facilement votre Windows 2000/XP pour obtenir les meilleures performances possibles.


Customizer XP programmes :

  • Registry Tweak - Access many hidden Windows registry setting that will affect your Windows appearance and the system performance. Included 80 registry tweaks which is categorized in system, explorer, start menu, internet, Internet Explorer, miscellaneous seccion. 

  • RAM Optimizer - Prevent your Windows from runing slower and slower by providing the system more free RAM to use.

  • Disk Cleaner - Removes all unused files from your Windows in an easy step. 

  • OEM Info - Put your company logo and information into Windows system properties.

  • Create Shortcut - By creating Customizer XP special shortcut for your favorite programs, you will able to set application processor priority and free amount of RAM before the application started. Using higher processor priority will increase your favorite programs performance. 

  • Process Info - Display list of all running programs. This tool also give you ability to change processor priority setting for all programs.

  • Startup Manager - This full featured startup manager will give you ability to control all items that will run at Windows startup.

  • Add/Remove - Easily edit Windows add/remove items.

Les nouveautés de la version 1.6 :

  • Improved the Process Manager tool.

  • Improved the Startup Manager tool.

  • Added "Create Shortcut" tool.

  • Added "Special Folder Info" tool.

  • Added option to rebuilt Windows icons (Registry Tweak->Miscellaneous).


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