Une nouvelle version de l’illustre Ad-Aware 6 est disponible.

Pour rappel, il s’agit d’un logiciel qui scanne la mémoire, le registre et les disques durs en quête de spywares à détruire ou à neutraliser.

Les nouveautés qu’il contient sont les suivantes :

• It is advised that you uninstall any previous versions of Ad-aware before installing
• Speed – More comprehensive and up to 400% faster than any previous 6x release
• Smart scan mode – Improves speed even further and has been optimized to detect content at the root level enabling fast and efficient maintenance scanning
• Improved In-depth scan – More effective while reducing CPU resources
• Improved deep registry scan – Faster with additional registry coverage that can detect dynamically created registry keys
• Conditional scanning – Improving speed by allowing Ad-aware to decide when and where additional scanning is needed based on a previous detection during the scanning process
• HOSTS file scanning – Newly discovered exploit that uses HOSTS file editing to facilitate browser hijacking has been countered with this addition
• More efficient reference file usage – Ad-aware can now read and use more detailed information stored in the reference file
• Improved Browser Hijacker detection – Better detection for known and newly discovered Browser Hijackers
• Improved log file output – More comprehensive reporting for better record keeping