Une nouvelle version du programme de Peer to Peer eMule est disponible en téléchargement sur le site de eMule-Project.

Nouveautés de cette version 0.26c :

- Change how we detect Hybrids.
- Changed some slot management. (Some help from VQB)
- It seemed that some uploads tended to be extremely long in Chunk mode. There is now a check to make sure this doesn't happen.
- Files set to auto no longer hang when you resart eMule. (jicxicmic)
- Roundoff error correction for datarates. (Maella)
- Changed some server connect code. eMule now connects a lot smarter with Safe Mode turned off helping with lowID problems.
- Server stats is no longer lost on restart when autoupdate is turned on.
- Added commandline command: "limits=up,down" (e.g. "emule.exe limits=50,12") to set up-&down- transferlimits
- Added option to show up&down-rates in the title of the programwindow
- Middle mousebutton opens the detailwindow for the selected item in download-, upload- and queuelist
- Fix: webservices in sharedfileslist works again
- Fix: reenabled statusbaricon for new messages.
- a number of little fixes, GUI & functional [some from JonnyB]
- Auto saving serverlist & friendlist list fixed.
- Source exchange now only sends needed sources to the client.
- Small gui fixes.
- Fix some more possible secuity issues and memory managments. (Some by beef2k & bluecow & Juanjo)
- Small fix to maxconnection preference.
- Pausing and Priority now saved again at shutdown.
- Bugfix; ed2k links is now correctly generated by emule for files larger than 2GB...
- Fixed GUI-issue in commentslistingdialog when resizing the window
- Show downloadcount above downloadlist
- Fixed save&restore columnorder of downloadlist
- Filter for incoming messages (config in prefs-notification, default filterexample "Your client has an infinite queue")


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