Une nouvelle version du programme de Peer to Peer eMule est disponible en téléchargement sur le site de eMule-Project.

Nouveautés de cette version 0.27b :

Unk: Fixed possible crash with Comment packet.
Unk: Recheck unzip size to avoid problems. (emarc)
Ornis: Patch to enable folderselection when no C: is on system
Ornis:Fixed seek-failures on large files [gabest]
Ornis: Added Webserver Control Panel [based on Kuchin], with changed/added:
Progressbars with colored part-display!
various style changes/corrections
datasizes better casted
additional preferences: set connectionlimits, sourcesperfile, new connections per 5 seconds, and 2 file settings
Two access profiles: Admin(full power) & Guest (only watch)
Fixed incompatiliby of control images concerning Opera & old Mozilla
Fixed security bug, concerning sessionID creation
Add log-message of Logins & Logouts
VQB: Eliminated just created ed2k links prompting to add links from clipboard
Unk: A previous version or mod seems to have set a clients hash to all 0. eMule now verifies your hash at startup and resets it if required.
Unk: UDP only use clients IP for finding the sender.. It now checks for UDP port also to make sure it finds the correct object..
Unk: Double update in Known Client List fixed. (JustusJonas)
Ornis:Cancel downloads of a category are now prompted first
Unk: Disabling queue list bug.
Unk: Source Exchange updated to include the users hash to help prevent multiple clients.
Unk: Client Details bug.
Unk: Fixed a bug that didn't upldate last seen if a client in your queue only used UDP.
Unk: Added localization to the Known Client List.
Unk: Fixed a bug where a source could get stuck in the Asking state forever.
Ornis:Adding same ed2k-file multiple times via weblink was possible when eMule was not running
Ornis:You can now enable loggin the verbose-log to disk, without display it in serverwindow
Ornis: Fix: Versionstats for the Hybridversion now visible
Ornis: Foldercount fixed when sending package SHAREDDIRS
Ornis: Fixed: decision about zipping a package was made case sensitive - not anymore
Ornis: Download-Tooltip corrected (one info was gone)
Orins: Fixed: Sending commands to categories handles "show all unassigned" now

Pour rappel, le "b" signifie béta, il ne s'agit donc pas d'une version "finale" (utilisez de préférence les versions "d" aux versions "c", "b" ou pire "a" par nature beaucoup plus instables).

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