Une nouvelle version du programme de Peer to Peer eMule est disponible en téléchargement sur le site de eMule-Project.

Les nouveautés de cette version 0.29a sont très nombreuses :

Ornis: fixed Win9x incompatibility (instable OS)
bluecow: Sources found during local/global server searching are pre-filtered to avoid false displayed results in the sources column of the searchlist and to avoid using false sources which are sent by some servers.
bluecow: Fixed bug with completed files which were rehashed at next startup and which caused a duplicate entry in known.met.
bluecow: Fixed minor issue with servers sending different server description packets during runtime.
bluecow: Fixed bug with temp folder which was set to incoming folder in some situations.
bluecow: Fixed minor bugs in file open and browse folder dialogs and according property pages.
Ornis: Shareaza recognition for Stats & Info
Ornis: added new language Galician (by Emilio)
bluecow: Fixed memory leaks in uploader.
bluecow: Fixed memory leaks in all timer callback functions; added exception handling.
bluecow: Reduced GDI resource usage for Win9x/WinME.
bluecow: Added more debug log messages for unknown TCP packets.
bluecow: Statusbar text is cleared when reseting the log or debug log.
bluecow: Fixed missing file exception handler in upload function.
bluecow: Fixed some problems with part.met/part files which could be to long or to small (potential file-completion bug) [SlugFiller]
bluecow: Fixed memory leaks in Archive Recovery thread.
bluecow: Fixed crash in Archive Recovery thread when previewing part files which are currently in "completing" state.
Ornis: Webinterface: Fix: under certain circumstances, active downloads were displayed as completed
Ornis: added new language Galician (by Emilio)
bluecow: Fixed major memory leaks in WebSocket.
bluecow: Fixed couple of GDI resource leaks and inproper usage of GDI resources.
bluecow: Added proxy error messages. To enable it: Specify "ShowErrors=1" in "[Proxy]" section of preferences.ini.
bluecow: Fixed problems with duplicate sources due to source exchange packets with wrong version.
bluecow: More reliable identification of clients sending an UDP packet by searching clients with IP and UDP port
Ornis: moved preferences files to "config" subfolder (cant be shared, old preferences files are moved the at first start)
Ornis: Category-Tabs now sortable (Drag&Drop)
VQB: changed LowID UL slot addition to alternate with HighID
VQB: some code cleanup and changes to use more integer math [Elandal]
Ornis:Webinterface: progressbar shows shades of blue, depending on the amount of found part-sources [Ju1i3n]
VQB: adjusted sort order for QR (high speed -> low speed DL followed by low -> high QR)
Ornis: Webinterface: fix add ed2k-Download to a category
Ornis: Webinterface: transferlist offers more categories to filter for (file type, status)
Ornis: update statistic graphs scale when changing up/down capacities over the webinterface
Ornis: upgraded AsyncSocketEx to v1.2
bluecow: Fixed potential problems for Win98 concering windows messaging.
bluecow: Fixed bug in server window when sorting by server IP
bluecow: Fixed 0-size part.met backup file bug.
bluecow: Fixed potential mem leaks and crashes for several met-file IO related functions by rewriting exception handling.
bluecow: Added system error messages for all file-IO related eMule log messages.
bluecow: Added recently used list for search text and servemet-URL controls (aka autocompletion), reset history by AltGr+Delete)
bluecow: Added searching for listviews in serverwindow/searchwindow (Ctrl+F,F3,Shift+F3)
Ornis: fixed win9x-crash when the view-filter popupmenu of the category-tab was accessed
Ornis: fixed preview of archives before any download
Unk: Fix small overhead bug
Unk: irc: Liquid updated their ircd. It broke eMules IRC.. It is now updated..
Unk: irc: eMule now should support multi mode commands.
bluecow: Fixed potential mem leak when copying text into the Windows clipboard.
Ornis: Added a lot of new statistics (by Khaos)
Ornis: fixed Scheduler bug
Ornis: Added configuration for date/time-format of the log
bluecow: Fixed LowID bug which was cause due to corrupted part.met files.
bluecow: Fixed loading of part.met file list: Corrupted part.met files do no longer stop the loading of other part.met files.
Sony: Fixed problem with very large files in MSVC 7.1 release build; Fixed Minimize to Tray icon (thanks zegzav)

Attention, pour rappel, le "a" de 0.29a signifie alpha, il ne s'agit donc pas d'une version "finale" (utilisez de préférence les versions "d" aux versions "c", "b" ou pire "a" par nature beaucoup plus instables).

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