Une nouvelle version du programme de Peer to Peer eMule est disponible en téléchargement sur le site de eMule-Project.

Cette version 0.30 b reçoit les optimisations pour les nouveaux serveurs lugdunum 16.40 pouvant accueillir plus de 200.000 utilisateurs et le tout avec une consommation processeur revue à la baisse par rapport aux versions antérieures de serveur. Dans la foulée, nous allons également remercier lugdunum pour sa coopération avec l'équipe d'eMule lors de la création de ces nouveaux serveurs.

On pourra également noter, qu'une partie du code de eMule Plus à été intégré à cette version.


bluecow: Added server TCP connection keep alive function.
bluecow: Tooltips in search results listview are shown only if Shift+Ctrl is pressed while moving the mouse over a listview item.
.: You are now able to preview shared video files from clients who let you see their share. You will be able to view 5 screenshots of the first ~10 min.
.: Upgraded MobileMule Protocol to 5x. Note that you need to download the new clientversion too if you use MobileMule.
.: Merged some code changes from eMule Plus
Ornis: larger category control when several categories are added (simple condition for now)
Ornis: show A4AF-count for files in the downloadlist when additional controls are enabled
Ornis: added disk usage statistics (emule+)
bluecow: Fixed bug with invalid client objects in upload list after a file was unshared/reshared (zegzav)
bluecow: Shared files listview and Search Results list view; Alt+DoubleClick opens Details dialog.
bluecow: Fixed several format string errors (mandrag0re)
bluecow: Added support for showing all available MP3 tag information for downloads and shared files.
bluecow: Added support for extended UDP server protocol for lugdunum 16.40 servers to receive multiple file search results in one UDP packet.
bluecow: Server UDP socket handles blocking socket state which could happen for larger UDP packets.
bluecow: More helpful error/logging messages for server UDP socket related functions.
bluecow: Optimizations in server UDP socket code for less CPU load (avoiding memory copy operations).
bluecow: Fixed bug in client UDP socket which did not handled the blocking state correctly.
bluecow: Search parameters are saved for each search result list; when selecting a search result list, the used search parameters are restored in the according controls
bluecow: When deleting a search result list the search result list following the deleted one is selected instead of the first one
bluecow: Last used search method is saved and restored in next eMule session.
bluecow: Servers can be added by pasting an eD2K server link into the IP address control of the server window.
bluecow: Shared files and downloading files are not counted in search results for the search result limit.
bluecow: Added server TCP/UDP protocol logging+debug code.
bluecow: Added support for new welcome server message from lugdunum 16.40 servers.
bluecow: Added support for compressed server protocol for lugdunum 16.40 servers; welcome message and file search results are received as compressed data; shared files are sent to server as compressed data
bluecow: Added support for extended UDP server protocol for lugdunum 16.40 servers; global source finding is done more effeciently and with less bandwidth.

bluecow: Fixed crash bug in host name resolution.
bluecow: A global file search is started if the local server does not answer with file results within max. 50 seconds.
bluecow: Fixed bug with eD2K link control in search window which did not accept more than 3 or 4 links.
bluecow: Meta Data and File Comments dialogs changed into property pages which are shown together with File details property sheet. All property sheet/page related dialogs are resizeable and restore LRU size+position. Widths of columns in File Comments. File Names and Meta Data listviews saved+restored. Same applies for Meta Data dialogs for search results and shared files.
bluecow: New Match keywords search option for both Jigle search methods.
bluecow: Change in usage of search file type parameter Program: When searching for a file of type Program, the results are no longer locally filtered according Windows Program Files extension (*.exe, *.com, *.bat). The eD2K file type Program is meant to contain all file types which are used by a program like compressed archives and CD-ROM images. This means that you will get more search results than in previous versions. If you still want to search for a Windows Program File, specify exe for the file extension.
bluecow: Added proxy support for IRC; alle proxy settings are also used for IRC
Ornis: bugfix in webserver socket code, (Jan B.,nice bugreport)
Ornis: Filedetailsdialog restructured, + showing date of downloadstart and duration since (until now or until download completion)
Ornis: added some missing percentages in the statistic tree
Ornis: added option to scheduler, to disable the endtime and therefor make changes of an event permanent
bluecow: More tweaks in the gSOAP module for better performance with Jigle server and reliable compiling by modders (Modders: always ensure that WITH_GZIP is defined!); a Jigle search request always has to include either a file type and/or a file extension, otherwise the request will not be sent for reducing server load; HTTP User-Agent field changed to reflect eMule version.
bluecow: Fixed several issues with the new CComboBoxEx control (keyboard interface).
bluecow: Several visual changes in the new search list view for proper windows color scheme handling and sorting of child items
bluecow: Added support for Jigle SOAP interface to search the Jigle database with eMule (special thanks to Melange from Jigle for offering this great feature to eMule)
bluecow: Jigle SOAP interface: search results are limited to 100 results; optimized code for less server load; local filtering of search results
bluecow: Added extended combobox control for search methods (eMulePlus)
Unk: Irc: Nicks are now sorted correctly.
Unk: Irc: If another nick is an eMule you can add them as a friend. (Both clients must be v0.30b and up)
Unk: Irc: You can now directly send download links to other eMules. (Kinda like DCC, both clients must be v0.30b and up)
Unk: Publishing shares to the server is now done better to reduce traffic.
Unk: Added: Display of an estimated count of complete sources for files in the downloadlist and shared-files-list (modified Zegzav)
Ornis: fixed some statistics, like count of banned sources, A4AF-sources
Ornis: fixed search via webinterface
Ornis: fixed some not updated labels when changing language (itsonlyme)
bluecow: Language DLLs are no longer loaded if the version information stored in the DLL does not match the eMule application version information.
bluecow: Fixed colors of search results and log windows texts to be properly/visible in Contrast-Windows color schemes.

Téléchargez eMule 0.30 b via sites miroirs (Freeware en open source, 4.4 Mo)