Une nouvelle version 0.42e du célèbre logiciel de peer 2 peer supportant le réseau Kademlia est disponible en téléchargement.

Pour rappel, la technologie Kademlia repose sur une conception nouvelle. Il n'y a pas en effet d' utilisation de serveurs centralisés mais plutôt un contact direct entre chaque PC.

Les nouveautés sont nombreuses :

- you will no longer be able to connect to irc with the old clients
Ornis: reduced javascript dependence on webinterface templates
bluecow: Added Paste command for ed2k file/server links to Transfer and Server window context menus.
bluecow: Fixed memory leak in Kad packet parsing [thx bzubzu.]
bluecow: Fixed security exploit in IRC module and Web server [thx DonDiego]
bluecow: Add seperate dialog for "Paste eD2K Links" function (prev. called as 'Direct Download'). Dialog can be invoked from Tools menu or eMule context menu.
bluecow: Added MLdonkey compatible client tag recognition.
bluecow: Fixed crash bug with selectively deleting of expanded search results.
Ornis: on category creation, if the edit dialog is canceled, no category will be created
bluecow: Added support for new eserver 16.45 UDP description packet.
Ornis: fixed security risk in the webserver [thx4hint2 MKThunderStorm]
bluecow: Added syntax coloring for search name (expression) control.
Unk: /topic and /msg now works with the IRC.
Unk: Changed some of how complete sources is determined..
Complete files will now show better complete numbers.
Somehow dead files continued to show many complete sources' This should correct itself as people upgrade.
bluecow: Added some error/help messages for invalid Kad search expressions.
bluecow: Filename detail dialog, shows system file icons for remote client's filenames.
bluecow: Fixed some minor bugs in ed2k searches related to comparison operators.
bluecow: Added more comparison operators to Kad search expression evaluation.
bluecow: Added a set of additional search parameters (Complete sources, Length, Bitrate, Codec, Title, Album, Artist)
Ornis: Preferences/Display: Option to clear or disable autocompletion boxes (search-name, servermet-urls, ipfilter-urls). Disabling takes full effect after restart.
bluecow: Webservices are split into file based and general URLs. General URLs are shown only in Tools/Links.
bluecow: Fixed crash bug with downloading of already downloaded files which were already in known file list.
bluecow: Fixed bug with recovering block requests of compressed packets after a zstream error occured.
bluecow: Added 'Active download time' stats for part files which shows the amount of time the file was active in download queue.
bluecow: Added: Completed files are republished to servers to update the 'complete sources' info.
bluecow: Fixed bug with reloading of shared files where just completed and externaly removed/renamed files still showed up.
bluecow: Fixed possible mem leak with OP_REQUESTPARTS message. [thx eklmn]
bluecow: Added support for integer media length eD2K tag for servers and clients. [thx lugdunummaster]
bluecow: Added publishing of basic file status (complete/incomplete) to servers.
bluecow: Added: Nr. of complete sources returned from servers are shown with availability data in search result list.
bluecow: Added: Viewing shared files of remote clients also transferes the nr. of complete sources.
unk: IRC now remembers your last nick.
unk: Added a couple more IRC info message options.
bluecow: Added customizable preview commands (new config file PreviewApps.dat)
bluecow: Verbose options are disabled and not shown by default. To enable the verbose options specify "VerboseOptions=1" in "eMule" section in preferences.ini.
bluecow: Fixed bug with processing of remote preview answer.
bluecow: Fixed bug in IRC property page; "Load channel list on connect" option was missing.
bluecow: Removed "ResizableLib" from source tree. Donwload the library at http://sourceforge.net/projects/resizablelib/