Désormais, exit les Detonator et bienvenue aux pilotes ForceWare v52.16.

Ces nouveaux pilotes intègrent de nouvelles fonctions telles que: un nouveau tableau de commande nView 3.0, le support des nouveaux modèles de carte graphiques GeForce 5700, GeForce FX 5700 Ultra et GeForce FX 5950 et une meilleure qualité d'image pour le filtrage anisotropic et l'anti-aliasing.

Parmi les problèmes connus, voici ceux qui ont été résolus:

- Selecting application mode from the control panel gives you applicationcontrolled anisotropic filtering.
By design, no other filtering is enabled by this selection.
- Warcraft 3: Exiting game can result in wrong orientation and corruption.
- Quadro2 EX, Windows 2000 and Windows XP: Only VGA after “Large Model CAD” or “I-deas Masters Series” selected.
- Shaded detail drawing views rendered in wrong color.
- Continued model rotation results in increased memory usage in Unigraphics 18.05.2 and NX 1.02.3.
- Rise of Nations gives intermittent blue-screen result when played.
- Personal Cinema GeForce FX 5200, Windows XP: There is flickering when previewing with WinDVR.
- All GeForce FX, Windows XP: Corruption around mouse in Dungeon Siege when antialiasing is enabled.
- GeForce FX 5200, Windows XP: Abnormal light-green texture on wall in Game 3 of 3DMark03.
- GeForce4 MX 440, Windows XP: Blue-screen crash in Flight Simulator 2004 when display settings selected during a flight with 2x or Quincunx antialiasing enabled.
- GeForce FX Go5200, Windows XP: Setting PAL on TV still reboots to NTSC.
- Quadro FX 3000, Window 2000: I-deas 9 hangs at start-up.
- All GeForce FX, Windows XP: Blue-screen crash in Breed demo mission just before the landing craft lands.
- All GeForce FX, GeForce3, and GeForce4 Ti; Windows XP: Midnight Club 2 loading screen is not rendered when antialiasing is enabled.
- GeForce FX 5900: Big Mutha Truckers returns to a corrupted desktop with antialiasing enabled.
- GeForce2 MX and GeForce2 GTS, Windows 2000 and Windows XP: Cannot switch TV format to PAL if resolution is set to 720x480 or to NTSC if it is set to 720x576.
- GeForce FX 5200, Windows XP: Reflection corruption occurs in Aquanox 2.
- Quadro4 980 XGL: The display exhibits corruption in the Unigraphics in drafting application.

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