Une nouvelle version de Kazaa Lite est disponible depuis ce matin sur la toile et ce, même en français

Il s'agit de la version 2.4.0 qui contient les nouveautés suivantes :

  • (New!) Block RIAA and other organizations from connecting, downloading and uploading to you.
  • (New!) K++ default options have been changed to protect your privacy. By default: Bad IP ranges, eg. the ones from the RIAA and others, are now blocked automatically
  • No-one can get a listing of ALL your files through a "Find all files from this user" command (you're still able to share, though)
  • Port 1214 (aka Kazaa's port) is disabled so no-one can scan your computer to see if you're using Kazaa K++
  • Your search history isn't saved in the registry. All options can easily be changed should you not like the default options
  • (New!) Kazaa K++ now has a Windows XP look
  • (New!) Upload view, download view, and search view show windows icons for each file name instead of the old blue icons
  • (New!) Several Kazaa bugs have been fixed, including the serious Packet 0' Death FastTrack network vulnerability
  • (New!) Supports multiple users installation. All users can use K++ without a problem. The installer sets the appropriate permissions on folders and registry keys
  • No spyware/adware installed, and no ads displayed
  • Faster downloads
  • Unlimited searches
  • Participation level constant at 1000
  • (New!) The toolbar buttons right below the main menu now have gripper bars so you can move them to other places to get more room for eg. the web browser or your upload/download view
  • (New!) You can now re-download a file you've previously already started to download instead of getting a message such as "You've already started downloading this file. Check download view
  • (New!) K++ options can now be easily changed while K++ is running, and without having to restart it in order for the changes to take effect
  • Includes cool addon tools such as KL Extensions, AVI Preview, K-Dat, K-Sig, Speed Up and KaZuperNodes

A télécharger sans plus tarder ;)


Téléchargement de Kazaa Lite (K++) 2.4.0

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