Après la version anglaise, c'est au tours de la version française de Media Player Classic d'être disponible en téléchargement.

Il s'agit de la version notée

Pour rappel, cette version du Media Player est basée sur la version 6.4, remise au goût du jour.

Ce vieweur propose ainsi de nombreuses options comme :

- lecture des DVD, SVCD et autres DivX
- support des différents formats : mpg, mp3, real media, quicktime, shockwave,...
- lecture des sous-titres
- auto-zoom
- Sauvegarde des fichiers audio en wav

Ce programme gratuit fonctionne sous Windows 98/Me, 2000 et XP, et ne nécessite aucune installation pour fonctionner (un simple exécutable à lancer).

Nouveautés :

-Mpeg video decoder: implemented frame-dropping (b-frames only) when running late and added a new sse2 idct (intel's code, AP-945), now high-definition clips should keep the sync at least
-Mpeg splitter: plays discontinuous/joint files to the end but seeking still broken with those, also recognizes aac streams and misdetects others as lpcm less frequently
-New aac decoder based on libfaad, coreaac didn't handle mpeg's aac very well for some reason (he-aac, stereo downmixing supported)
-Volume normalizer can be "boosted" a bit in case you find the level still low, look for the slider next to the normalize checkbox
-Added a /nofocus command line switch
-More fine tuning of the internal splitters' packet buffering
-Fixed the "higher than normal" priority option, it was not applied after reopening the player
-New option to launch files in fullscreen (checkbox at options/player)
-7th internal logo by Steve Smith (looks very nice), if you made any in the past contact me again and I'll add your name to the logo chooser page, next to your logo
-Fixed the file browser not displaying anything on cd drives under xp, when the recording feature of the operating system is enabled


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