Le logiciel Skype, après avoir fait son apparition dans la communauté linux, vient de sortir dans une nouvelle version Windows.

Les nouveautés sont les suivantes :

  • feature: Installer Checks for new version before installing
  • change: New traditional chinese language file
  • change: Only age range or birthday is allowed in search
  • bugfix: Skype did not start up in Traditional Chinese by default if it was installed in that language
  • bugfix: Language file editor buttons are now unicode-enabled
  • bugfix: toolbar buttons work with unicode now
  • bugfix: Language file editor should now behave better on higher dpi setting
  • bugfix: AvatarBrowser has better handling of different filetypes
  • bugfix: AvatarBrowser supports files with uppercase extensions
  • bugfix: Search form tab-order fixed, lower part always white
  • bugfix: Quit Skype Confirm dialog tab order fixed
  • bugfix: Some rare range check errors fixed on startup and trayicon click on multi-monitor setups

Pour rappel, ce programme basé sur le P2P est gratuit


Skype (16 Mo)