Une nouvelle version 5.092 du lecteur multimédia Winamp est disponible.

Au menu, on retrouve quelques améliorations, ainsi que la corrections de nombreux bugs :

- New: DRM WMA Playback supports out_wave
- New: Non-DRM WMA Playback allows any output plugin
- New: Community Picks AVS Preset Pack
- New: Windows Media Audio Ripping/Encoding (removed in latest build, sorry)
- New: Deletes in the Media Library now move files to the Recycle Bin
- New: NSV Subtitles can be disabled on the fly
- Fixed: Long delay and high cpu on exit with many items in playlist **
- Fixed: gen_ml shutdown bug
- Fixed: Easy Move of video window back to normal *
- Fixed: Pause in WMA playback memory leak
- Fixed: Multi-monitor full screen video *
- Fixed: Drag and Drop in playlist editor *
- Fixed: Drag and Drop on Winamp *
- Fixed: Now Playing update on song change *
- Fixed: Media Library/Windows Media scanning errors *
- Fixed: Stay in fullscreen/Config mismatch *
- Fixed: Ctrl-B Crash *
- Fixed: Authentication for OGG/Vorbis streams
- Fixed: Drag and Drop strange behavior in open file dialogs
- Fixed: Stuttering WMA On Start and Seek
- Fixed: NSV Video stall during buffering
- Fixed: Autosize of video to be accurate to the Video size not snap size
- Fixed: Short NSV Clips audio cutout
- Update: Online Media tree is now dynamic (Checking can now be disabled)
- Update: Sonic Install/Config flag mismatch
- Update: CD Ripping/Burning Library (possible cause of msvcrt.dll errors)
- New in_wm.dll (msvcp60.dll linked statically, instead of dynamically) **
- Other general small tweaks/bugfixes ;-)

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