Une nouvelle version 5.093 du lecteur multimédia Winamp est disponible.

Au menu, on retrouve surtout la correction de nombreux bugs :

* Fixed: OSD stays onscreen in DirectDraw Mode
* Fixed: Fullscreen video OSD doesn't reappear after using Pause
* Fixed: ML Playlist > Select all (no delete key)
* Fixed: Vis data for in_mod (and possibly other input plugins)
* Fixed: msvcp60.dll now linked static
* Fixed: Small intermittent bugs in gen_ml and gen_ff
* Fixed: Greater than 2 channel vis data now works
* Fixed: Media Library problems with parentheses/brackets in artist or album names
* Fixed: Ripping CDs with trailing ellipses (...) in artist or album name
* Fixed: Better video flipping for YUV colorspace videos
* Fixed: Saved mute settings with modern skin.
* Fixed: Drag and Drop from external applications
* Fixed: Open File Dialog always-on-top
* Fixed: Crossfade on start
* Fixed: Freeze when switching audio tracks in a multi-audio stream.
* Fixed: Fullscreen switching with scaled video window.
* Update: Dynamic Online Media can now alert users to live events (can be disabled)

Malgré la mort annoncée de ce lecteur, et l'abandon de son soutien par l'équipe originelle, on retrouve toujours, au fil des jours, la correction de divers bugs.
Mais pour combien de temps '

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