Nous vous avons déjà parlé d'Avast, ce logiciel antivirus gratuit qui n'a pas à rougir face aux solutions payantes du moment.

De plus, ce logiciel en français reste peu gourmand en ressource machine et les mises à jours se font automatiquement.

Le voici disponible en une nouvelle version 4.6.691 avec son lot de corrections et d'améliorations, comme :

  • further improvements in executable unpackers (WinExec)
  • WinExec unpackers are now supported even by the boot-time scanner
  • changes in ACE unpacker: security fixes
  • Web Shield: fixed a bug that could cause even crash of the ashWebSv.exe process (in module wshtcpip.sys)
  • Web Shield: fixed a bug that could cause crash of the process while terminating
  • Web Shield: removed event handle leak
  • Web Shield: fixed a bug related to HTTP status 100-Continue
  • Web Shield: fixed parsing of HTTP response for the HEAD request - now "Save Link As" in Firefox works correctly
  • Standard Shield: removed potential problem (that could lead even to system hangup) while testing network-based files under Windows XP
  • P2P Shield: added support for KCeasy
  • IM Shield: added support for SIM (Simple Instant Messenger), PalTalk Messenger and Tlen
  • fixed loading of default config values in resident providers
  • now the Silent mode in the Outlook/Exchange plugin works
  • added new GUI items (global program settings)
  • added the ability of not displaying of popup messages while a full-screen app is running (e.g. a game)
  • fixes in the mail scanner: handling of redirect (for the Calypso program); bug "server has closed the connection" while reading news
  • added more comprehensive handling of expired licenses
  • minor fixes and enhancements in selected unpackers (ZIP, MIME, TAR)
  • improved warning on log off when removable media are present
  • minor changes in avast sounds
  • VRDB generation when idle is now not started if current CPU load is 15% or higher

Pour bénéficier de ce logiciel, il suffit de s'inscrire sur le site de l'éditeur.

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