Le site Smashsworld propose un patch permettant d'améliorer les versions 2.0.0 et 2.0.2 de Kazaa Lite.

Ce que fait ce patch :

- changed "My KaZaA" button to "My KaZaA Lite"
- changed title bar from "KaZaA" to "KaZaA Lite"
- added PLAYER CONTROLS to tray right-click menu
- edited the tray icon's tool tip text to "KaZaA Lite is now connected...", etc. from "KaZaA is now connected..."
- changed "Hide KaZaA", etc. in tray menu to "Hide KaZaA Lite", etc.
- an updated splash screen with "Advanced Version" added (to impress your friends)
- hides annoying yellow icon next to AltNet (sponsored) search results
- cool Start Page instead of the default KaZaA one exclusively for Advanced Version users

Remarque : avant d'appliquer ce patch, vérifiez que Kazaa Lite soit bien fermé (absent du systray).


Téléchargez le patch pour Kazaa Lite 2.0.0 (1,37 Mo)

Téléchargez le patch pour Kazaa Lite 2.0.2 (1,36 Mo)