Après Zone Labs avec Zone Alarm (voir news), c'est au tour de Sygate de proposer un firewall gratuit.

Sygate Personal Firewall est un firewall qui vous protègera efficacement de la plupart des attaques du web.

Au menu des fonctionnalités :

- Protects against Trojans, spyware, and other malicious threats including those use their own protocol drivers
- Prevents unauthorized applications from passing through the firewall by inserting code into authorized ones
- Enables even the most inexperienced users to easily customize and fine-tune security policies
- Provides best-in-breed logs for intrusion analysis
- Easiest-to-use PC firewall and still free for personal/home use

Téléchargez Sygate Personal Firewall version 5.0.1150 (5,1 Mo)