Une nouvelle version 3.0.2 de Tweak XP Pro est disponible en téléchargement.

Pour rappel, Tweak XP est un shareware permettant d'accéder très facilement à de nombreux paramétrages, cachés ou non, sous Windows XP :

- clean up your registry with Tweak-XP's Registry Cleaner
- create a RAM discdrive and load files as fast as possible
- use Tweak-XP's DiscDrive Doctor to detect and fix harddisc problems
- view and inspect files in your Internet Cache folder
- restrict access to your startmenu items
- improve the readabilty of your monitor: ClearType configuration
- don't let other people see what files you recently used: clear the 'Recent files' lists of lots of common programs
- remote-shutdown your system
- optimize and personalize your Windows® XP with just a few mouseclicks
- tweak lots of hidden Windows® XP settings
- customize the Windows® XP startmenu
- tweak lots of desktop settings
- make the Windows® XP taskbar transparent
- enable several hidden performance options of Windows® XP
- block internet banner ads
- block Internet Explorer Pop-Ups
- configure Outlook XP security settings
- check the integrity of ZIP files and repair them
- create virtual discdrives
- convert your compressed folders to selfextracting .exe files
- tweak your CPU and display adapter
- optimize the physical RAM of your machine
- optimize the Windows® XP cache settings
- optimize your Internet connection speed
- censor the execution of applications
- protect any folder on your harddisc and hide its content from Windows® Explorer
- control what is started on Windows® startup
- tweak your Internet Explorer
- display the internet history files and remove them
- rename hundreds of files just by one mouseclick
- generate passwords
- destroy files securely
- find unnecessary files on your harddisc

Nouveautés de cette version :

** fixing a bug with the PopUp Blocker application
** fixing a bug with the installer where some files were not installed/uninstalled properly

** Windows Auto-Logon now requires a user account which is password protected. This had to be changed as Windows XP was not loging in correctly when auto-logon was used on a user account that was not password protected.
** Outlook 2003 support added for the following Outlook tweaks: 'Outlook Today page' and 'Minimize Outlook to SysTray'

** Feature added to backup Office 2003 activations
** updated language files
** Czech language file added
** updated helpfile

Ce programme contient également le pack de traduction en français.

Il s'agit d'une version de démonstration fonctionnelle mais dont toutes les fonctionnalités ne seront pas accessibles.

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