Le site Ultimate Boot CD propose une nouvelle version 2.31 de son CDROM de boot amélioré.

Au menu, cette version corrige un bug lié au fichier cdshell.ini

Pour rappel :

Il suffit de télécharger gratuitement l'image ISO de ce CDROM qui permet de démarrer votre PC en cas de problème.
Une fois gravée, vous disposerez d'un CDROM bootable intégrant directement des utilitaires gratuits adaptés afin de vous aider à récupérer votre PC planté.

Ce CD-ROM contient les programmes suivants :


Name of Tool Version
Hard Disk Installation
MaxBlast 3 (Maxtor) 3.6
DiscWizard 2003 (Seagate) 10.45.06
Disk Manager (Seagate) 9.56a
Disk Manager (Samsung) 10
Hard Disk Diagnosis
Drive Fitness Test (IBM/Hitachi) 3.68
PowerMax (Maxtor/Quantum) 4.09
DLG Diagnostic (Western Digital) 5.03
Data Lifeguard (Western Digital) 11.0
SeaTools Desktop (Seagate) 1.06.02
SeaTools Desktop (Seagate) 2.01.05
Diagnostic Tool (Fujitsu) 6.20
SHDIAG (Samsung) 1.25
HUTIL (Samsung) 1.19
Hard Disk Device Management
IBM/Hitachi Feature Tool 1.94
AMSET (Maxtor) 4.00
MAXLLF (Maxtor) 1.1
UATA100 (Seagate) 3.06
Ultra ATA Manager (Western Digital) June, 2003
ATA Password Tool 1.1
Hard Disk Wiping
AutoClave 0.3
Active@ KillDisk Free Edition 3.0
Darik's Boot and Nuke 1.0.3
PC INSPECTOR e-maxx 0.95 Build 775
Hard Disk Cloning
HDClone (Free Edition) 2.0
g4u 1.15
PC INSPECTOR clone maxx 0.95 Build 769
Partition Tools
Ranish Partition Manager 2.44
XFDISK (Extended FDISK) 0.9.3beta
SPFDISK (Special FDISK) 2000-03q
TestDisk 5.2
Partition Resizer
Partition Saving 2.80
Free FDISK 1.2.1
MBRtool 2.2.100
MBRWork 1.07b
FIPS 2.0
GAG 4.3
Active@ Partition Recovery 2.1.1
Boot Managers
Smart BootManager 3.7R1
Gujin 0.8
File Managers
DOS Navigator
  • Includes read-only freeware version of NTFSDOS .
  • 3.7.0
    File Maven
  • Includes read-only freeware version of NTFSDOS .
  • 3.5a
    NTFS Tools
    Offline NT Password & Registry Editor
    Note: The SCSI drivers are available on the CD in scsi/. Selecting "[a] autoprobe for the driver" on startup should do the trick.
    Active NTFS Reader for DOS 1.0.1
    EditBINI 1.01.1
    CPU/Memory Diagnosis
    CPUBurn 1.00
    Memtest86 3.1a
    Memtest86+ 1.15
    Windows Memory Diagnostic n/a
    DocMem RAM Diagnostic 1.45a
    DocMem RAM Diagnostic 2.1b
    Intel Processor Frequency ID Utility 4.20
    DOS Boot Disks
    Bart's Network Boot Disk n/a
    Bart's CDROM Boot Disk n/a
    FreeDOS Boot Disk n/a
    Linux-based Rescue Disks
    Tom's Boot Disk 2.0.103
    Recovery Is Possible (RIP) 3.0
    Note: I know BasicLinux V3.x has been released, but I can't get a single floppy version of it. If any of you has the single floppy image (not the double floppy one), please contact me. Thanks!
    Trinux 0.89
    System Information
    AIDA16 2.14
    NSSI 0.58.1
    PC-Config 9.33
    PCI 0.48b
    ASTRA 4.20
    System Speed Test 32 4.78
    Antivirus Tools
    F-Prot Antivirus for DOS (Personal use only)
  • Virus definition: 23 May 2004
  • Includes read-only freeware version of NTFSDOS .
  • 3.14e
    McAfee Antivirus Scanner
  • Virus definition: 26 May 2004
  • Includes read-only freeware version of NTFSDOS .
  • 4.32.0
    BIOS Tools
    CMOS Password Recovery 4.3
    Network Tools
    Note: First you need to create a configuration floppy disk based on freesco/freesco.zip on the CD. Please refer to docs/freesco/fscodisk.txt on the CD for more information.
    Arachne WWW Browser 1.73
    DOS Utilities

    Note: These utilities are located on the CD in the DOSAPPS subdirectory. Use one of the DOS boot disks with CDROM access to run them directly from the CD.

    • 3DBENCH - Tool for testing older VGA cards on their 3D features
    • BIOS - BIOS password finder, BIOS information display etc.
    • CDBENCH - CDROM drive benchmark tool
    • CDCAP - ATA/SCSI drives features display tool
    • CDIDENTI - CD media information tool
    • CTCACHE - Displays some cache/DRAM configs of mainboard chipsets
    • CTRAM - RAM check utility
    • LFNTOOLS - Tools for working with long filenames
    • DISKMAN4 (V4.0) - Performs a variety of low level hard disk related tasks
    • BOOTPART (V2.5) - Add additional partitions to the Windows NT multi boot menu
    • PARALLEL (V1.1) - Parallel port detection and test utilities
    • UNIFLASH (V1.34) - Utility, that can flash BIOS on many boards
    • WIPECMOS (V1.2) - Clears all CMOS settings to recover from lost passwords
    • CPUBENCH - CPU benchmark program



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