VirtualDubMod est une version améliorée (modifiée) du célèbre logiciel open source: VirtualDub.

Cet outil qui a acquis toutes ses lettres de noblesses dans le monde de la vidéo et surtout du Divx.

Une liste assez impressionnantes de filtres est également disponible. Ils ont tous plus ou moins leur utilités mais sont parfois très amusant: transformer un film entier avec l'effet "vue thermique" façon Predator ou Splintercell.

Les possibilités sont énormes: multiplexer, démultiplexer, couper et joindre un fichier, gestion des filtres, ré encodage, gestion de tout les codecs, informations sur le fichier: codec video utilisé et type d'encodage du son, ré échantillonnage bilinéaire et bicubique, décompresse et recompresse l'audio et la vidéo, supprime les segments d'un clip vidéo et sauve le reste, sans recompression, prévisualisation du résultat avec l'audio en direct.

Ce Mod est également en open source et est donc gratuit. J'insiste sur ce point, car si certains pensent faire mieux, les sources sont disponibles et peuvent, s'ils le souhaitent, faire leur propre Mod ;-)

Quand on voit le nombre de bug corrigé, le nombre d'améliorations et le nombre de fonctions ajoutées, je trouve que cela inspire le respect !

Nouveautés de la version

- Fixed I18N not working in HexViewer
- Fixed I18N/p18 related bugs in VirtualDub.rc
- OpenGL32.dll and Glu32.dll for the about box are now loaded dynamically. This may speed up loading of VirtualDubMod and reduce memeory cost. (Well, as long as you don't open the about box ;) )
- Fixed P4 build. LibEBML doesn't work with the Intel compiler, so its compiled with the normal M$ one.
- Added "LoadAviSynth(string path)" to sylia functions.
- Since AviSynth 2.5.2 the special code to allow coloring of external plugin commands is part of the offical codebase. Therfore the special avisynth.dll that was available from our page will be removed.
- New icon, designed by mf. - Updates to the script editor: * Added a new mode to the script editor for Decomb override files. So far this is nothing special, except ranges are copied with "," like for the Avisynth handling (also see next point). Requests are taken for improvements =). This mode is auto-set for the extensions ".tel", ".fb" and ".dec". * The 'None' mode in the script editor now pastes ranges with "-". * Filenames can now be inserted with a nice file open dialog. In 'None' mode they are inserted as-is, in AviSynth mode with "'s around them.
- Fixed a stupid bug with the 'Save & open in Virtualdub' function in the Editor. Cyrius:
- Fixed a bug that would multiply the number of audio streams coming from the opened video file when using the Refresh feature.
- Fixed bug not showing properly the video panes when opening via AviSynth.
- Fixed crash when opening via AviSynth without using a script.
- Fixed bug reseting the frame position to 0 when refreshing. - Really added the SaveMKV functions for Sylia (better for batch mode :p).
- Fixed ending crash when compressing to MP3 inside VirtualDubMod.
- Fixed bug where disabled streams would still be written in the Job file.
- Quick fix (seems to work) for the program crashing when being called with the /x commandline options, and when the input file is in YV12 (i.e. generally an avs file).
- Fixed bug generating invalid OpenDML (>2GB) AVI files introduced in when using audio streams.
- Fixed a bug (generally a crash) when reading Matroska files in CBR mode (e.g. 'Preview' instead of 'Preview VBR')
- Externalized the modified resize filter (the one based on and replacing the internal VirtualDub resize filter in 1.4.x versions of VirtualDubMod).
- Fixed some bugs in it as well :) - Coded an extended TreeView control for the Preferences.
- Added support of 'rec' lists when writing AVI files (similar to AVI-Mux GUI). Finalization of AVI files takes some time when using this option.
- Updated libebml/matroska to latest versions (fixed some memory leaks).
- Fixed some memory leaks in Matroska support. - Fixed bug preventing VDubMod from accepting AC3 files with a bitstream version lower than 8 (current specs version is v8). - Fixed some crashes when reading mkv files (demuxing / transmuxing, ...).
- 'Interleaving' item of the 'Audio' menu is now accessible to subtitle streams when right-clicking in the stream list. Allow to change the stream offset.
- Fixed some bugs in the Matroska support. - Matroska files with unknown audio tracks (unhandled IDs) are now accepted. Those tracks will only remain valid when being remuxed in a Matroska file.
- Added an option (Preferences) to speed up Matroska reading in VirtualDubMod. This requires more memory but Matroska reading part is 5x faster. - Fixed another crash in the CBR reading code of Matroska files.
- Lowered a bit memory consumption when parsing OGM/MKV files (<10% gain).
- Moved VirtualDubMod preferences in its own registry binary entry to prevent any future conflict with VirtualDub (in case Avery Lee adds preferences). Nb : those settings have thus been reseted to default values. Matroska prefs were already in a separate registry entry and aren't reseted.
- Added audio clipping settings in the 'Interleaving' window, which allow to have different settings for each track. Changing those settings in the 'Video->Select range' window (which show you the default values when adding a new track) will apply it to all streams.
- Fixed bug with matroska support where we would write wrong audio IDs ^^; ...
- Fixed rare bug where MP3 streams in AVI may be read as using Nandub tricks while they don't (thus leading to out-of-synch issues when editing).
- Fixed bug with AVI 'rec' lists (last one not being properly closed).
- Merged 1.5.4 changes (and added a bunch of brand new bugs :p) - When opening a video for which no VfW decompressor could be found the program forces 'Direct stream copy' mode and uncheck the 'Show input/output video' menu items. A warning will appear to let you know about that.
- Now handle unknown Matroska video stream IDs. In this particular case you are only allowed to 'Direct stream copy' to another Matroska file.
- Can now process subtitle streams in Matroska files (only properly handle non overlapping subtitle streams).
- Gained some more space in the way Matroska information are stored in memory when parsing a file. The new (faster) read method is always used now.
- Fixed bug where keyframes reported when reading a Matroska file would be wrong when there are consecutive dropped frames in the stream.
- Fixed bug where keyframes reported when reading an OGM/Matroska file would be wrong in the last 7 frames.
- Native MPEG4 streams (with B-frames) coming from Matroska files are supported (for editing and recompressing; uses XviD codec).
- (Log) Error appears when you open / append an OGM file containing errors.
- (Log) Error appears when you open an SRT file containing errors.
- Bad subtitles (invalid times, ...) in SRT files are discarded and don't stop the file processing anymore.
- Thanks to 'The Crazy Rabbit' for updating codecs.ini with the help of abcAVI.
- Now uses libebml class that should handle >2GB matroska files.
- The 'Mpeg Audio' import filter should better import all kind of streams now (MPEG v.1/2/2.5, Layer I/II/III).
- Now handle even overlapping subtitles in Matroska files (may still be buggy).
- Fixed bug where some frames were considered as dropped ones while lacing was used on the video track (happen with some files not muxed with VDubMod). - Support basic (not nested) tags and chapters in Matroska files (see the doc).

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