Nullsoft propose en téléchargement la version finale de son célèbre lecteur multimedia, j'ai nommé Winamp.

Ce dernier est maintenant proposé en version 2.9.

les nouveautés sont :

- Hot new default skin, done by none other than the evil robot turned good, Steve Gedikian
- Added integrated full featured video support (NSV and DirectShow (AVI,ASf,MPEG,etc))
- Added library (complete with media database, shoutcast listing, playlist editing, CD listing, mass tag editting, plugin API for portable devices, and more!)
- Updated Winamp's window docking code to be more robust/extensible
- Updated PCM equalizer with code from 4Front Technologies/George Yohng. Quality is a lot better
- Updated equalizer default skin to show the true +12db/-12db range
- A ton of new WM_WA_IPC API calls
- Updated to PP's latest input and output plugins
- Focus/Z order change on window close related bugfixes
- Added track numbers and song lengths in HTML generated playlists
- Removed all ATL code, shoved EXE size by 20kb
- Added digital audio extraction in in_cdda.dll
- Added Alt+M shortcut for minimizing Winamp
- Added ultravox support for in_mp3
- Fixed an error in tooltips in winamp and winampa's systray icons

Pour rappel, Winamp est le lecteur multimédia le plus utilisé