Boot XP 1.75

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Une nouvelle version de Boot XP vient de sortir.

Une nouvelle version de Boot XP vient de sortir.

Pour rappel, ce programme permet de changer très facilement les écrans de boot sous l'ensembe des OS Windows.

Au menu des nouveautés :

- Added Support For SCSI Installations of XP, Added a BOOT.INI Repair, Creates a Copy Of BOOT.INI for Uninstall
- Two Metods Of Uninstalling Added: Using Backup and Removing References to "/kernel=LOGOOS.EXE" in BOOT.INI
- 100% Windows® 2000 Compatibility. Use the Same BMP or NTOSKRNL File For XP or 2000
- Added Preview and Full Screen Animated Preview For Windows 2000 Users
- Fixed The Overlay Bug For Windows® XP Home Edition
- Updated all Links To The New Domain:


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