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Une nouvelle version du programme de Peer to Peer eMule est disponible en téléchargement sur le site de eMule-Project.

Une nouvelle version du programme de Peer to Peer eMule est disponible en téléchargement sur le site de eMule-Project.

Il est recommandé d'installer cette version 0.30 a vu le nombre de corrections au niveau de la sécurité.

- Added dialog for showing the eD2K meta data for search results, download files and shared files. The according context menu item is only in "Advanced mode" available.
- Added some new checks and fixes in order to ban unfair clients
- Changed the TCP (local) and UDP (global) source search for clients who are downloading many files, to make some server software happy one more time and to avoid blacklisting
- Unused credits are removed after 5 month (to limit the memory usage for credits)
- Server error messages are no longer displayed in the server info window, but in the application log window.
- ED2K file meta data received during a file search is filtered before adding it to the part.met and eventually to the known.met file to avoid storing of not needed data.
- Several changes in the file preview command: The preview command is enabled, if a minimum of 16 KB (MPEG audio/video) or 256 KB at the beginning of the file is available. The preview command is also enabled for files of type "CD-ROM image" or if the ED2K meta data indicates an audio/video file type. To enable the new features of the preview command specify VideoLAN client as the video player for preview or (if using some other player) specify the 'PreviewSmallBlocks=1' (section=eMule) setting in the preferences.ini file and disable the 'Create backup for preview' option.
- better counting of the stats: saved by ICH, lost due to corruption and saved by compression
- little GUI fixes/updates
- Source-swapping cares for download priorities now and is more safe against useless handing over sources back and forth
- Alt-Return opens detail dialog for downloads and user
- added Enhanced Chunk Selection, better selection which part of a file to download next [Maella & jicxicmic]
- Added extracting of meta data and audio/video characteristics for MP3,AVI,MPEG and other files. To disable this option use the "ExtractMetaData" setting (file=preferences.ini, section="eMule", name=ExtractMetaData, value=0 (disable), value=1 (enable for MP3 and AVI files), value=2 (default; enable for MP3, AVI, MPEG and other files).
- Added sending of extracted meta data and audio/video characteristics for MP3,AVI,MPEG and other files to servers and clients. The text meta data (e.g. Title, Author, Album) is not sent to the servers but to clients when viewing the shared files. Data sent to servers includes audio/video codec, media length and bitrate.
- More safety in checking shareable files in temporary directory.
- Added new Server Info window with optional auto scroll, rotating log, copy+paste
- Added new option to specify or to disable the server UDP port (file=preferences.ini, section=eMule, name=ServerUDPPort, value=0 (disable server UDP port), value=65535 (default; use random server UDP port), value= (UDP port)
- Added some helpful server socket error messages.
- Fixed some minor focus problems in search window.
- Added more columns to search list for showing new ed2k meta tags.
- Format of date/time strings is no longer dependent of the selected language.
- Statusbars of paused files are shown in a dimmed colors [SlugFiller grayPause]
- Splitted the taskbar notification for "Download finished and new add file added"
- Fixed some security bugs concerning log messages [thx i0nic]
- Made some changes and fixes in SecureHash. Also clients with the status "invalid" will no longer be able to use a Friend Slot
- Implemented MobileMule protocol 0.4 (visit mobil.emule-project.net for more info)
- ED2K protocol: fixed handling of OP_FILESTATUS for files with a size of PARTSIZE*N
- Fixed crash at exit bug which occurred when flushing internal file data buffers to part files
- Fixed crash bug with clients sending more than one OP_HELLO packet.
- Fixed handling of hashsets for files with a size of PARTSIZE*N
- Invalid entries in known.met are deleted at startup
- ED2K protocol: OP_SETREQFILEID is no longer sent for files less/equal PARTSIZE
- ED2K protocol: OP_FILEREQANSNOFIL is no longer sent when receiving OP_FILEREQUEST
- manual disable textbox auto-completion in the preferences.ini file, by setting "UseAutocompletion=0"
- Webinterface: added sorting of search results
- searching of listview items for all owner drawn listview controls (just type the first view characters of the label to find) [ZZ]
- Disabled sharing (by accident) of eMule installation folders (config, lang, webserver) and several files from the temporary directory.
- Fixed a rare problem where a client could receive properly compressed blocks but was though not capable of decompressing the entire compressed stream.
- Fixed Drag&Drop-image of downloadfiles
- IRC- & Message-Windows use closeable tabs now
- history function in the IRC- & messages-dialog, scroll by cursor up & down
- Doubleclick on serverinfo in the statusbar opens a dialog with the details of the connected server
- new downloads catched from the browser are now assigned to the current targetcategory from the search-dialog
- to reset the popup-history of searchtext/serverlist-URL : press ALT or CTRL and then DEL
- Statistics: percent display of successful/failed upload sessions added
- Fixed count of failed upload sessions [Maella]
- Fixed bug with downloading of files with a size of 9728000 bytes.
- Added several parts of SlugFiller's SafeHash [SlugFiller]
- SafeHash: Known file hashing features
- SafeHash: Miscellaneous safety and tweaking features
- improved update of the downloadlistcontrol, when new sources are added to an expanded downloadfile
- Fix of a typo in the webinterface, which could have led to instability on some systems
- Webinterface: (re)added two settings in the preferences
- Upgraded to CTreeOptionsCtrl v1.55 [thx PJ Naughter]
- New log panes, multiline edit controls with optional auto scroll and rotating log.
(Note: The previously used "MaxLogMessages" entry in preferences.ini is obsolete and is replaced with "MaxLogBuff" which
can be used to specify the size of the buffer(s) in KByte. Default size = 64 KByte)
- Searchresult list: Search results which match files in the download list are shown in a fixed shade of red.
- Font for Server-, Message- and IRC-Window can be specified.
- Timestamp setting for IRC-Chat also applies timestamps to messages from clients in Message window.
- Timestamps in IRC-Window and Message-Window localized.
- Added memory debug statistics for debug builds only [UVman]
- Added extended control: manual handling of sources, at several requests to the same client (A4AF) [based on sivka,enkeyDEV]
- Added: automatic assignment of new Download to categories by filename filters [HoaX_69]
- corrected saving position for the scheduler-ini-file (-> config )
- Fixed bug with downloading of files with a size greater thean 2 GB [thx Maella]
- Bugfix: spanish & french translation bugfix. (bug resulted in less search results)
- better update of the SecureIdent-statistic

Téléchargez eMule 0.30 a via site miroir (Freeware open source, 3.9 Mo)

Complément d'information
  • eMule 0.30 C
    En attendant une version finale du client Kademlia, une nouvelle version d'eMule est disponible: version 0.
  • eMule 0.30 b
    Une nouvelle version du programme de Peer to Peer eMule est disponible en téléchargement sur le site de eMule-Project.

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