London Wanyoo E-sports Studio offers FGS London Official Training Room for PUBG Team from Mainland China

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LONDON, April 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PUBG’s first global event, the Faceit Global Summit is taking place in London recently, and 24 best teams worldwide have already arrived, including Team Liquid and C9. It is worth mentioning that four ...

LONDON, April 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PUBG’s first global event, the Faceit Global Summit is taking place in London recently, and 24 best teams worldwide have already arrived, including Team Liquid and C9. It is worth mentioning that four teams that represent the mainland China has been carrying out training activities in UK Wanyoo E-sports Studio, the largest e-sports café chain in Asia. Invited by Bluehole China and Tencent, London Wanyoo E-sports Studio provided professional training rooms and other non-e-sports support for those Chinese teams: 4AM, OMG, 17 and CL. On the 12th of April, many PUBG fans were invited to Wanyoo for the fans meeting activities and play with popular players such as GODV and LIONKK.

OMG, 4AM, 17, and CL are the four strongest teams from China, and they have won many excellent matches in international competitions. OMG is the champion of the first PGI. On April 12th, Wanyoo E-sports Studio hosted the CN PUBG London meeting, and many fans came to the scene to cheer for the Chinese team. The Chinese game live broadcast platforms - Douyu and Huya also broadcasted the event at the same time, with millions of players watching the live event online. This is the first time for the four Chinese strongest teams of PUBG to be combined for offline activities and became the major event for PUBG players at home and abroad for Chinese fans.

As China's largest chain of Internet cafes, Wanyoo has more than 600 stores around the world, and has won the love from young people with its unique game social space and gang up culture. Recently, Chinese companies have accelerated the pace of “going out to other countries” and created Chinese cultural symbols. At present, Wanyoo has been stationed in Australia, Canada, Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries, Wanyoo becoming the "Garden of Eden" in the hearts of gamers around the world.

In 2019, the first store of Wanyoo E-sport Studio in Europe opened in London, providing multi-functional gaming facilities, professional esports equipment, live viewing, and leisure services. It is bringing a special gaming experience to local players. During the opening of the sensation in England, many young people lined up and it became the most popular store of Charing Cross Road. The "multiplayer game space" from the China has overturned the established awareness of British players in Internet cafes, and triggered a gang up, becoming a new social networking experience for London e-sports players.

Chen Zhaorong, CEO of the London Wanyoo E-sports Studio, mentioned that he hopes to provide a perfect social platform for young people in the UK. Since its opening, the London Wanyoo has held several electric competitions and working closely with major universities and e-sports associations. All of this provided the basis for the PUBG China team training camp and fan activities.

In China, Wanyoo are closely related to the professional e-sports activities. In addition to sponsoring the famous team of LOL World Champion IG and 4AM, they also maintain good relations with other professional clubs. LGD, VG, WE, RNG and other teams have been carrying out training programs in the Wanyoo store, and Wanyoo is considered as the "mobile base of the e-sports". As a carrier and epitome of Chinese e-sports, Wanyoo bring China's unique gaming-social culture to the world. With the increasing number of global electric competitions and frequent e-sports exchanges across the competition area, Wanyoo will take more responsibility for Chinese e-sports and become a representative for Chinese e-sports and game culture.

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