Phenom People Launches University Recruiting, SMS & Internal Mobility Chatbot

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Product Innovations to Support Demand for Talent Experience ManagementLONDON, May 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Phenom People, the global leader in Talent Experience Management (TXM), has announced several new features for the Phenom Talent ...

Product Innovations to Support Demand for Talent Experience Management

LONDON, May 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Phenom People, the global leader in Talent Experience Management (TXM), has announced several new features for the Phenom Talent Experience Management platform, adding University Recruiting, SMS, WhatsApp messaging and Internal Mobility chatbot functionality to further support the demands of the new talent economy, which is undergoing major technological and societal shifts.

The Phenom Talent Experience Management platform connects the interactions of the four key experiences in the talent lifecycle: candidates, recruiters, employees and management, and delivers a single platform to unify them. Cross-functional insights can be used to power a more personalised and effective experience that meets the demands of today’s talent. The Phenom Talent Experience Management platform furthers chief human resources officers’ top responsibilities across talent acquisition, talent management and talent evolution.

"Talent demands across the board are at an all-time high", said Beth Clutterbuck, chief people officer at Cloudreach. "With new industry shifts on the horizon for HR, organisations have to stay ahead of the curve if they want to keep pace of acquiring and retaining top talent. The singular, unified Phenom Talent Experience Management platform allows focus throughout the talent journey".

Phenom’s newest features help solve specific pain points throughout the talent lifecycle:

Enhancements for Candidate Experience, matching the right candidate with the right job and reducing time-to-hire:

University Recruiting
Phenom University Recruiting provides a modern way for recruiters to source information from candidates and collate their interactions from the event with a mobile application, candidate feedback and scoring, CV capture and parsing, tagging, analytics and more, all of which feed information into the CRM automatically. This further expands talent pipelines, raises brand awareness and improves a company’s overall event strategy.

Mobile Application
Manage an entire event, including registering guests and managing attendees, directly from a mobile device. Offline mode allows event hosts to capture leads when not connected to WiFi.

Candidate Feedback & Scoring
Take notes on every candidate. Submitted feedback is recorded, summarised and available in the candidate’s profile. Candidates’ engagement and fit scores can be evaluated to identify best fits within talent pools.

Resume Parsing
Take photos of CVs through the mobile application to create profiles using optical character recognition (OCR).

Profile Management & Tagging
Create and manage university profiles with location and contact information. Track ROI by tagging the university when creating the event.

Staff & Panel Management
Assign roles to events, including Event Staff and Event Organiser, to control who can view, edit and/or publish content.

Track attendees and event return-on-investment. Update the event strategy on the fly with real-time information about event registrants and event performance.

Enhancements for Recruiter Experience, boosting productivity and quality-of-hire:

Phenom SMS provides recruiters the ability to reach out to candidates faster. All candidate conversations are stored and archived in the CRM. Users can send messages to an individual or multiple candidates, set up keyword campaigns and leverage other third-party messaging applications, including Facebook Messenger.

1:1 Text
Engage with individual candidates to follow up on interviews, arrange next steps and communicate offers.

Mass Text
Launch text campaigns to multiple candidates, promoting jobs or events.

Enable candidates to text a keyword to receive information about jobs, FAQs and events.

Messaging Applications
Send messages from WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger and WeChat.

Enhancements for Employee Experience, evolving the best talent and reducing cost-per-hire:

Internal Mobility Chatbot and Messaging
An exclusive chatbot experience for employees helps them find the right job or promotion faster while delivering a conversational experience. The addition of third-party messaging applications creates more streamlined communication for employees, recruiters and hiring managers.

Phenom Bot
Help employees discover new opportunities, provide referrals to open positions and boost employee engagement through conversational chatbots that answer FAQs.

Slack, Skype and Microsoft Teams
Optimise employee engagement with Slack, Skype and Microsoft Teams interconnected with Internal Mobility.

All features can be accessed from Phenom’s Talent Experience Management platform. This unified approach eliminates the need to invest in siloed technology tools, allowing talent teams to leverage cross-functional data insight and operate with greater efficiency to meet the requirements of candidates and employees.

"Disparate systems do not empower HR to deliver a seamless and memorable talent experience", said Mahe Bayireddi, CEO and Co-founder at Phenom People. "Phenom provides a single, unified platform with continuous innovation, helping eliminate multiple-point solutions which are not integrated with core HR systems and usually underdeliver promised results".

The Phenom TXM platform provides companies with a unified solution for: Candidate Experience (Career Site, CMS, University Recruiting, Chatbot), Recruiter Experience (CRM, Campaigns, SMS, AI Insights), Employee Experience (Internal Mobility, CMS, Referrals, Chatbot), and Management Experience (Talent Analytics, Reporting, Forecasting, Dashboards). Our platform is built on artificial intelligence (AI), driving personalisation, automation and accuracy for candidates, recruiters, employees and management. The Phenom TXM platform eliminates multiple-point solutions, connects with quality candidates and employees through personalised experiences, and delivers top talent while driving ROI.

Check out our webinar to get a firsthand look at Talent Experience Management.

For more information about the industry shift to Talent Experience Management, download our ebook.

To learn more about the Phenom Talent Experience Management platform, check out our website.

About Phenom People

Phenom People is a global HR technology company with a mission to help a billion people find the right job. We do this through an AI-based SaaS platform called Talent Experience Management (TXM), which transforms the talent journey from interested candidates to thriving employees to enthusiastic brand advocates, while helping HR break the stereotype of being a cost center instead of a revenue generator.

Redefining the entire talent experience through a single platform approach, the Phenom TXM platform provides companies with a unified solution built on artificial intelligence (AI), which drives personalisation, automation and accuracy for candidates, recruiters, employees and management.

We believe people should be happy and inspired by their jobs. That simple belief fuels our collective desire to fundamentally transform the talent journey.

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