Pilotes Detonator 45.23 WHQL 2000/XP

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Les nouveaux pilotes Detonator pour les cartes graphiques Nvidia viennent de voir le jour.

Les nouveaux pilotes Detonator pour les cartes graphiques Nvidia viennent de voir le jour.

Il s'agit cette fois-ci de la version 45.23 pour Windows 2000 et XP.

Il apportent notamment les corrections suivantes:

- The display exhibits corruption in the Unigraphics in drafting
- Continued model rotation results in increased memory usage in Unigraphics
18.05.2 and NX 1.02.3.
- I-deas 10 crashes in the process nbb.exe after a large virtual memory
- Running “The Sims 2” creates a blue-screen crash.
- Think3 requests Control Panel enables “use block transfer” option for
OpenGL buffer flipping mode.
- CATIA certification issue: Problem with display list compilation causes
incomplete visualization.
- A dragon model is missing from the Dragothic test in 3D Mark 2001 SE.
- The “Add OpenGL” tab shows a “Stereo DIN pin” option that is not
- Character truncated in NVIDIA Properties “Direct3D” tab under Windows
XP Japanese.
- In Windows XP Portuguese (Brazilian), there are localization errors on the
main NVIDIA Properties tab.
- Grand Theft Auto: Vice City exhibits significant corruption after a couple of
minutes of play.
- The walls in Splinter Cell have anomalous textures.
- Quake II flashes on GeForce 256 systems.
- Switching output devices on a desktop that has been rotated resets the
resolution to 640x480 from 1024x768.
- “Command & Conquer: Generals” shows corruption during scene-to-scene
transitions in story mode.
- When 3D Mark 2003 is set to 2/4 sample antialiasing, its demo mode
introduction is not rendered properly and it pauses between demos.
- Playback of AVI in full-screen mode tears on a T221 monitor.
- Digital flat panels go out of sync or blank when the Screen Adjustment
scaling is changed.
- A Quadro4 980 XGL system hangs or stops when running a PTC Pro/
ENGINEER Wildfire script.
- On a Quadro NVS 400 running Windows NT® 4.0, all monitors go black for
1-2 seconds during logon.
- On a Quadro NVS 400 running Windows NT 4.0, the monitor ordering has
changed from 1234 to 1324.
- The water in Splinter Cell is not rendered correctly on GeForce FX 5xxx
- The nView™ Menu Options choice is not available from the title bar with
Exceed 7.1 or 8.0.
- NVKeystone™ can take two minutes to start under Windows XP.
- EDS I-deas Master Series 7 does not start on a Quadro4 980XGL because of
an application error.
- Black screen displayed when Rally Sport Challenge launched under
Windows ME.
- Flash of corruption seen if 3D screen saver previewed when 2X or NVIDIA
Quincunx™ antialiasing is set.
- Direct3D applications exhibit flickering lines of corruption when antialiasing
is set to 2x or Quincunx in 16-bit modes.
- A Macrovision error occurs when DVD movies are played using the 41.09
- In Windows XP Chinese, a DMCPL.EXE error occurs when one of two
Overlay Controls windows is closed.
- Logging on as nonAdministrator causes NVcpl.dll loading error: “One or
more arguments are invalid.”

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Guide complet pour pilotes 45.23 (Bugs fixés, paramètres pour chaque jeux, etc)

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    Encore et toujours Asus aujourd’hui avec cette fois-ci une version des pilotes Detonator de chez Nvidia remaniés et optimisés pour les cartes graphiques de la marque.
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    Les nouveaux pilotes Detonator pour les cartes graphiques Nvidia viennent de voir le jour.

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