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ANN: Jekejeke Prolog 1.0.1 (module system)

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Jan Burse
Dear All,

We have just uploaded the new release of Jekejeke
Prolog. It mainly consists of new functionality
for Prolog texts:

- Module System I: Files are not anymore automatically
search in the class path, instead they are searched
relative to the actually consulted file. For class path
search new specifiers path/1 and library/1 have
been introduced.

The minlog extension does not automatically preload
CLP(FD) anymore. It can be loaded as follows:

?- ensure_loaded(library('clpfd.px')).

- Module System II: First support for modules via
the directives module/1 and use_module/2. Up till
now not yet selective import and no reexport/1. The
new tutorial example deals with rabbits:

It should also be noted that meta-calls dont need a
meta_predicate/1 declaration, even in the mutual
recursive case, since the resolution of predicate
names lazily uses the call-site information.

- Module System III: The use_module/1 directive is
only a synonym for ensure_loaded/1. Up till now we
did not yet implement full separate compilation.
If term/goal expansion is used the corresponding
rules have to be loaded before they are applied.

- Module System IV: The make/0 also works for modules.
Up till now we did not yet implement full separate
compilation. The module/2 directive allows op/3
declarations, but syntax changes are not yet

Happy coding!

Jan Burse, Apr 18. 2014, 23:49

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Jan Burse
Dear All,

The Jekejeke Runtime for Android is now soon
also featured on the Nokia X App Store and the
Yandex App Store.

Best Regards