Author in refuge in Europe tells US judges to shove "up buttocks" new Patricia Cornwell order

>From the top of the main page of the website on the biography of
Patricia Cornwell:

The following new statement by Dr Les Sachs appears:

Gangster US judges issue new US fake Nazi-style "court orders", yet
again trying to ban the truth about the crimes of Patricia Cornwell
and the Bush regime and judges - New fake "court orders" by the same
racist, Jew-hating judges who joined Cornwell in threatening to murder
Dr Sachs inside the US -

Dr Les Sachs, safe in Europe, tells Patricia Cornwell and corrupt US
judges to take their newest fake "court orders" and shove them up
their neo-Nazi buttocks

This is responding to press inquiry to Dr Sachs of 5 June 2007:

What is your reaction to the Richmond federal court order today
ordering you to remove from the Internet your various statements about
Patricia Cornwell, and not to republish them?

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