AUTOMOTIVE LINUX - Linux OS for cars (we are looking for: Developers, Collaborators, etc.)

Admn Prj
We are looking for programmers and collaborators, specially people
that want to create Linux distros. Our project is about creating a
Linux distro specially thought to run in cars: AUTOMOTIVE LINUX. The
project born in 2008 when some SAAB fans decided to create a group in
Facebook, to create an OPEN SOURCE CAR. Later on, the group grow, and
they opened the idea for all automakers, creating another brandnew
group at Facebook: AUTOMOTIVE LINUX

The project was in around 250 motor magazines, newspapers and some TV
channels. Was also in TOP GEAR 2 times, England and Holland, also in
USA Today, Auto Motor Sports, Quattroruote, Auto Express Weekly, etc.

The project is about creating a Linux based car, that replace the
speed gauges for an OLED screen, and the driver's glass attach a
transparent OLED screen that provide real time internet, trafic
pictures via satellite including real time satellite maps,
videoconferences, social networks connection, and internet in real
The car provides Internet also for free, connecting the passengers to
the Internet thru its Linux Operating System, also allow to run
computer programs in real time, movies, music and games, using an
intelligent tablet with WIRELESS INTEL DISPLAY (WIDI) technology.

If you want to be inside the project, please, contact us in our e-

Alternatively, you can also join our in our fan page at Facebook, and
tell us that you want to get in!

If you think this idea is cool, please, expand this message in forums
and boards, so more people can know about it.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Programmers, Developers, People that want to
experiment with the Linux Kernel, Evangelists (people that want to
talk about the project) and collaborators in our official website.

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Facebook is evil. Closed groups are evil.

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