Canada Supreme Court Chief Justice faces Human Rights Complaints

Media Release

Immediate Release July 23, 2007

Supreme Court Chief Justice named in Human Rights Complaint

The Right Honourable Beverly M. McLauchlin, Chief Justice of the
Supreme Court of Canada faces complaints of discrimination at the
National Judicial Institute.

The Chief Justice oversees the National Judicial Institute (NJI),
which trains Judges in areas such as Family Law, dealing with Custody
and Access issues and Criminal Law. The Human Rights Complaint, to be
served by the Ontario Human Rights Commission, claims "systemic
discrimination" at NJI.

A recent article in the Fraser Forum by Chris Schafer, an Ottawa
Lawyer, entitled "Continuing Judicial Education A Lesson in Bias" is a
strong indication that government needs to be very concerned with the
"hidden agenda" at NJI. Biased training of Judges may result in biased
Civil and Criminal Court decisions. The lives of everyday Canadians
are dependent upon a justice system which is free of bias. Please
review the article:

For further information on the Human Rights Complaint, please contact:
Wayne Cook, 416-609-0372 or contact Ms. Barbara
Hall, Chief Commissioner, The Ontario Human Rights Commission,
416-326-9511 Toll Free 1-800-387-9080.
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