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Peut ont transformer une image disque en *.dmg vers *.iso sur windows XP.
Merci d'avance

Cordialement Robert

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Robert wrote:
Peut ont transformer une image disque en *.dmg vers *.iso sur windows XP.
Merci d'avance

Pour cela il te faudrait un Mac sous OS X, transférer ton fichier .dmg
sur ce Mac et faire cette manip (dsl c'est en US) :

1- Convert your .dmg file to a CD/DVD master using disc copy (apple+K
and choose a dmg file then choose master DVD/CD as format)

2- Once conversion is over, you must change the extesion of the output
file to .iso (ex : imagename.cdr.dmg => imagename.iso)

3- Next you've got to choices to burn your image : over network or from
the pc's drive. The first way is faster but needs a few confs on the pc
side. if you want to burn from pc's hd got to step 5 else follow next step.

4- On the pc's my computer icon, choose connect a network drive an
choose the ip/user of the target mac computer as folder location (ex :
\ don't use network shortcuts or transfert would get
slower and could cause burn failure.

5- Launch your favorite CD burning application on the pc an choose burn
iso image (the location of the menu depends on the app and version
you're using) and select the iso from the mac's hd or the pc's hd. dont
forget to check disc at once option and don't allow multisession disk or
you won't be abble to read your cd on mac and perhaps pc as well. so
finalise your disk.
For network burning, don't go over 8x burning or you'll get a buffer

6- Enjoy your toasted .dmg on a pc or a mac !!

Cette manip permet aussi de graver des CD bootable pour Mac ;)

Sinon, il n'existe aucun logiciel capable sur PC de graver directement
les .dmg :(

L'intelligence c'est comme la beauté, tout est relatif.

La preuve :
* tu trouveras toujours des personnes plus con et moins beau que toi
* " " " " " moins con et plus beau que toi

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