Docteur pro-vie allemand condamné à un an de prison

Réjean Laflamme

Pour avoir osé dire que les avortements massifs d'aujourd'hui sont des

Condamné pour négationnisme Am 14. Juni verurteilte das Amtsgericht Erlangen durch die
Einzelrichterin Erda Erdenhofner den bekannten Lebensschützer Dr.
Johannes Lerle (55) aus Erlangen nach drei Stunden Verhandlung auf
Antrag von Staatsanwalt Dr. Hilmar Höfler zu einem Jahr Gefängnis ohne

Die Verurteilung erfolgte gemäß Paragraph 130 Absatz 3 des Deutschen
Strafgesetzbuches wegen angeblicher Volksverhetzung durch öffentliche
Leugnung oder Verharmlosung nationalsozialistischer Unrechtstaten in
einer Weise, die geeignet sei, den öffentlichen Frieden zu stören.

Faut le faire !

Truth can be dangerous, another German, the theologian Dr. Johannes
Lerle learned when he referred to an abortionist as a "professional
killer" and was given a jail sentence for slander. For producing a
leaflet with the words: "In North Clinic, life unworthy of living is
being killed," a German family was forbidden to use that terminology,
because it evoked Hitler’s euthanasia program, which used the same
language. A third man, Günter Annen, was forbidden to say, "Stop unjust
[rechtswidrige] abortions in [medical] practice," because the expression
"unjust" was understood by laymen as meaning illegal, which abortions
are not. Dr. Lerle, a theologian, was sentenced once again, this time to
seven and one half months of prison2 for saying that termination of
pregnancy is what it really is, the brutal, painful murder of innocent
human beings in the early stage of their wonderful development, arranged
by the Creator (Psalm 139). These arrests and injunctions appear to
violate Article 2 of the German Constitution, where we read, "Everyone
has the right to life and bodily integrity." As a consequence, although
Dr. Lerle is still in prison, the Federal Constitutional Court has ruled
that protesters may indeed carry signs reading "Child murder in North
Clinic," and even "Holocaust yesterday, Babycaust today."
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