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Dear SIR:

I face a problem and we need your help please:

I have a server:

1- It has a one real IP.

2- It hosting many different web sites and many domains.

3- A mail sever is exchange server and it hosts also many domain like
http://mail.xyz.com , http://123.com, http://abc.com .

4- We register our web sites in www.godaddy.com under business category.
And create A host record, MX, and PTR records for all of this mail server.

Our problem is when I send email from Marwa@xyz.eg , Marwa@abc.com , Or
Marwa@123.com. To marwatest@gmail.com or any user in gmail.com the mails go
to spam mail.

nani8897@hotmail any user in hotmail mails go to junk mail.

I need you help when I send an email to 1000 customers I need to be sure it
will received in inbox not in spam mail.

Note: I know there is an option to mark email to be not a spam but it will
be not a good way to told all customers to do that.
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Hi Marwa

Welcome to the French public newsgroup for 'Exchange'.
In our opinion, the message you posted on this newsgroup should be posted in
an English speaking newsgroup . It would be more and better answered over

We would like to make you aware of the removal of your message in the next
Thanks in advance for your comprehension.


Joël Chaudy
In charge of the relation with the technical Communities
Microsoft France

PS. To reply me, remove « online. » from the email address used to post this

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