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Reason for the migration of Live Exchange to Office 365

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The on-premises server ha beneficial control but, moving to office 365 is more beneficial for enterprise users.

Scalability : Office 365 provides the scalability, which an account user wants. Same as the Exchange server, OWA gives basic features of emails, contacts and task management.
Reduced Risk Of Data lose: If Exchange server fails , the complete data of an organisation may collapse . But Office 365 protects the business.
Full Security on data : No question of hacking as Office 365 is established with high and advance algorithms.
Up to date: Clients can easily access the data for enhancement and innovation . This indicates one can have access the version of applications on the Exchange online .
Migrate Live Exchange to Office 365
The tool provides the environment of migration of Exchange to Office 365 without any twists . One can migrate Exchange emails, contacts, calendar, etc., to O365 account just within few mouse clicks. Lets look into the outstanding features provided by the software to Migrate Exchange mailboxes to Office 365.

Migration Of Single / Multiple Mailboxes: The tools provides migration of Single / Multiple complete Exchange items containing emails, calendars, contacts, etc., to Office 365 account.
No Size Limitation: The tool can migrate Live Exchange mailboxes of any size to Office 365.
Incremental with no duplicates: The tool is true incremental, no duplicate items during the consecutive migration.
Feature to Exclude folders: It is not compulsory that one will have to migrate all the folders of the Exchange server mailboxes to Office 365. Users can utilize exclude folder facility during the migration.
No Chances of Data Loss While Migration: The major concern about the user is avoid data loss .The software does not affect the data while migrating mailboxes from Exchange to Office 365.

An enterprise user need to face risks and challenges in keeping data in live Exchange server . EdbMails Live Exchange 2010 to Office 365 Migration tool provides an easy environment to all the challenges.

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