Reception de France 2-5 via Eutelsat/Atlantic Bird 3

Agner Krarup Erlang

excusez-moi pour l'Anglais, but my French is a bit rusty :]

A friend would like to receive France 2-5. As it seems, these channels
are broadcasted via Eutelsat's Atlantic Bird 3, however lists two DVB transponders, one carries free,
one encrypted. Where's the difference?

The page on international reception on says that
broadcasting stops at 19:00, is that correct? The page doesn't really
seem to be up-to-date, as it misses France 4.

Furthermore, as I couldn't find any info on satellite reception
specifically for French viewers on How do you receive these
channels in France by satellite? Do you get free cards or do you have to
pay extra to view these public channels?

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