Several Saints on 5-5-06

Several Saints say, "We know that you do not hear This often, but the
Greatest Gift that was given to the human life was the ability to

ON MAY 5,2006 AT 1:16 P.M.


"In number, one would count twelve, but in number one would count
one voice, because the others are listening to what the man would be

There are Three of Us and We All love This Gift that gives so
much, and the little one wants to please The Heavenly One in Every
Word she speaks that We tell her to, and every moment that We speak to
her, she wants The Heavenly Father to know What We speak. So remember

You live in a time where intellect has an important place, but so
many individuals use this sign of communication in more ways than they
should, because the word 'speak' means many things, many subjects,
many conditions, many purposes, and many individuals capable of, and
able to speak so that one or more others will hear what is spoken in a
correct way, correct manner, and have respect in it for all things

We know that you do not hear This often, but the Greatest Gift
that was given to the human life was the ability to communicate. Yes,
all the other Gifts are of the greatest importance, but communication
solves many things, and it gives to life more understanding and more
abilities to communicate in many ways, for many reasons, for many
purposes. It is a Gift of Divine Love, and yet it is not always
thought about in the magnitude it is, for the purpose it was designed
to be.

I know These Words are different, maybe difficult to even want to
read or hear, but They are Words that should be thought about, because
of how Important They are to your way of life, and to how you can
learn More regarding Others Who speak and/or Who want What They have
to give, remembered.

I know These Words are not What you thought I would speak, but It
is to remind you that to be created a human being is a Gift Far
Greater than it is seen to be, but also, that Gift is That Portion of
human life that will one day want to go to Heaven. Remember this. It
is Important, because if just one portion of the body would be taken
into Heaven, what would that portion do without the rest of the human

I love you and I know I speak differently, but It is Something to
think about in your own time, your own way, for your own life."

Saint Joseph's Hill Of Hope
Brea, California 92822 U.S.A.
All Revelations are delivered spontaneously
and continuously as witnessed by all those
present at the time.
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