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Vds Camescope numerique JVC DVM90

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Yoann David
Je vends mon JVC DVM90 avec tout ses accessoires, cables et drivers.
Micro format, il reste un des meilleurs appareil de sa gamme depuis sa
Photo dispo par email.
Faire offre !

Il fait mode photo, Mode video, Tres complet il dispose d'edition video
directement sur le camescope avec des effet video et sonore déjà
préenregistré !

Avec chargeur, télécommande ,cables et accessoires vraiment complet de chez
complet !

Nhesiter pas a posez des questions.

a.. Integrated Digital Still Camera
b.. 680,00 Pixel Progressive Scan 1/4" CCD with Progressive Color Filter,
High Band Processor for expanded 520 lines of Horizontal resolution and a
Full 480 lines of vertical resolution.
c.. 112,000 pixel - 2.5" TFT amorphous color LCD
d.. Remote Control Unit
e.. F1.8 Bright lens
f.. Digital CyberCam Video Camera
g.. Electronic viewfinder with color 0.44" CRT
h.. Removable Flash Memory, 8 MB MMC Card, Auto Standby for easy operation
i.. 10X Optical/ 200X Digital Zoom with Spline Interpolation
j.. Digital Image Stabilzer
k.. Slow Motion Playback
l.. 16x9 Squeeze Mode
m.. PCM Digital Stereo Audio
n.. Snapshot Modes: PIN-UP mode, Four - image, nine image, Frame & Full
are available
o.. Program AE with 12 Digital Effects and 17 Scene Transitions
p.. Self Timer
q.. Iris Lock
r.. progressive Super wide mode
s.. Auto Macro
t.. Manual focus, Exposure, and White Balance modes
u.. Animation Mode
v.. Black Fader
w.. Digital Wipes and Fades
x.. Variable-speed Shutter (1/250, 1/100, 1/60 sec.)
y.. 5 second record
z.. Mini DV NTSC (SD specifications)
aa.. BN-V507U 770mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack
ab.. Multi-voltage AC Power Adapter battery charger
ac.. i.Link Digital Input/Output (IEEE 1394 compliant) Link DV in/out
ad.. PC Terminal and RS232 connection cable for Still Image Transfer
ae.. J-Terminal on Docking Station
af.. S-Video Output on Docking Station
ag.. MultiMedia Navigator, JLIP Video Capture, JLIP Video Producer,
Picture Navigator, Card Navigator, Video Player, Jvc Video Decoder, Mr.
Photo, Photo Album and Image Folio
ah.. Docking Station, MultiMedia Card(8MB), PC Connection cable, JLIP
Cable, AV Output Cable, Editing Cable,Cleaning Cloth
ai.. Audio Dubbing
aj.. Random Assemble Editing with digital effect/scene transition
ak.. approx. 1.2lbs (without case, Multimedia Card and Battery
al.. Width 2-1/16
am.. Height 4-15/16
an.. Depth 3-7/8
ao.. Power Consumption: Approx 4.6W (using viewfinder)

1 réponse

IcE CuBe
"Yoann David"

t'es un escroc toi ?