Solutions 30 : 2019 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

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PRESS RELEASE27 may 2019 2019 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Key Figures 110 shareholders attended the General Meeting or were represented, representing 60,302,960 shares, i.e. 57,95% of the share capital and voting rights. All resolutions ...


27 may 2019

2019 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders


Key Figures

  • 110 shareholders attended the General Meeting or were represented, representing 60,302,960 shares, i.e. 57,95% of the share capital and voting rights.

All resolutions were adopted

Solutions 30 announces that all resolutions proposed by the Management Board were duly passed, demonstrating shareholders’ confidence in the Group. These resolutions included in particular the following points:

  • The 2018 annual and consolidated accounts were approved;
  • Renewal of the appointment of Alexander Sator as member of the Supervisory Board for four years;
  • Appointment of Yves Kerveillant as member of the Supervisory Board for four years;
  • Authorisation for a maximum of five years to repurchase shares of the company.

Reiterated confidence in the Group’s business model and outlook

The Management Board took the opportunity of this Annual General Meeting to reiterate its confidence in the cash generative and profitable Group’s business model as well as its trajectory of sustainable growth. The Group remains more than ever focused on executing its strategy and continuing to deliver substantial long-term value to shareholders. It reiterates its goal to reach one billion euros in revenue over the medium term and anticipates that 2019, which Q1 results shown that it was off to a strong start, will be another year of impressive and profitable growth for Solutions 30, both organically and as the natural consolidator of a highly fragmented, but thriving market.

Transition to IFRS standards and transfer to Euronext Paris

Solutions 30 has historically prioritised growth and allocated its resources accordingly. The Group has now reached a size and market capitalisation where it believes a transfer to the regulated market of the Euronext stock exchange is adequate.

As previously stated, Solutions 30 confirms that its work to report the 2019 financial statements under IFRS standards is under way. Preliminary studies are completed, and an action plan has been approved. In order to ensure consistency and maximise efficiency, this project will be conducted while preparing the required prospectus to access the regulated market of Euronext Paris and submitting it to the AMF. The Group will ensure it works diligently on these tasks while continuing to devote sufficient resources to continued growth.

In the meantime, and in view of this shift, the Management Board presented its new corporate governance charter, including the creation of (1) strategy, (2) audit and (3) nomination & remuneration committees at the level of the Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board is now composed of six members, five of which are independent. All details, including charter and code of conduct, can be found on the Group’s website.

During this Annual General Meeting, Gianbeppi Fortis, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Solutions 30, expressed his “gratitude to the group’s shareholders who show their support and trust in the Group. I also salute the involvement and professionalism of the whole Solutions 30 team where everyone is working very hard in order to strengthen the undisputed leadership of the Group.”

Karim Rachedi, Chief Operating Officer, added: “Solutions 30 has been growing very fast over the past few years, while at the same time consolidating our organisation and process. We have achieved great results as a team and will continue to do so.”

To demonstrate their confidence and commitment, Solutions 30's management furthermore indicated that in light of the current market conditions, they reserve the right to individually purchase shares on the market, in order to increase their stake in the Group.

About Solutions 30 SE

The Solutions 30 Group is the European leader in solutions for new technologies. Its mission is to make the technological developments that are transforming our daily lives accessible to everyone, individuals and businesses alike. Yesterday, it was computers and the Internet. Today, it’s digital technology. Tomorrow, it will be technologies that make the world even more interconnected in real time. With more than 20 million interventions completed since its creation and with its network of more than 8,000 local technicians, Solutions 30 currently covers all of France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Spain. The share capital of Solutions 30 SE consists of 104,057,392 shares, equal to the number of theoretical votes that can be exercised.

Solutions 30 SE is listed on Euronext Growth (ISIN FR0013379484 – code ALS30) as well as the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on the XETRA e-listing system (FR0013379484 – code 30L2).
Indexes: MSCI Europe Small Cap | Tech40 | CAC PME.
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