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TRANSFER TO EURONEXT PARIS First listing of shares on Euronext Paris on July23,2020Group Management Board changes as the next development phase begins Transfer to Euronext Paris and timetable Today, Solutions30 SE (Solutions 30) announced that it ...


  • First listing of shares on Euronext Paris on July 23, 2020
  • Group Management Board changes as the next development phase begins


Transfer to Euronext Paris and timetable

Today, Solutions 30 SE (Solutions 30) announced that it has made available the prospectus approved by the CSSF on July 17, 2020 in preparation for the admission of Solutions 30 shares on the regulated market Euronext Paris of Euronext via a direct listing. The group’s market capitalization was 1.4 billion Euros at July 17, 2020, which enables Solutions 30 to be listed in compartment A of Euronext Paris. The percentage of its share capital held by the public (free float) represented 76.4%.

Solutions 30 shares will be delisted from Euronext Growth on July 22, 2020, after market close. Equity trading will begin on Euronext Paris on July 23, 2020. Following this transfer, the ISIN code (FR0013379484) will remain unchanged, but the ticker will become S30.

The prospectus can be consulted on Solutions 30 website, under the heading “Financial Reports and Documents.”

A history of strong, profitable growth

Since its creation in 2003 and its first listing on Marché Libre (now Euronext Access) in 2005, Solutions 30 has experienced rapid development, combining organic and external growth.

The group Solutions 30 is now the European leader in rapid-response multi-technology services. Its business model has proven its strength and its ability to support a strong, profitable growth trajectory driven by two major structural trends: the rise of the digital economy and the energy transition. Solutions 30’s success is based on a unique proprietary technology platform, a veritable driver of efficiency that optimizes the 60,000 call-outs carried out daily by 10,000 technicians in Europe on behalf of a portfolio of reputable, loyal customers.

With €682 million in revenue in 2019 and more than 6,300 employees, the group has more than quintupled in size in four years and its market capitalization reflects this dynamic growth. The transfer of Solutions 30 shares to the Euronext Paris regulated market goes hand in hand with this change in size and opens a new chapter in the group’s history.

Change in the Group Management Board

With the evolution of the group’s structure, the Group Management Board changes. Luc Brusselaers, Chief Revenue Officer, will join the Group Management Board. Franck D’Aloia will become the Chief Operations Officer in charge of transformation, and João Martinho has been appointed Chief Operations Officer in charge of performance, while Karim Rachedi, the current Chief Operations Officer, will take a step back.

The Group Management Board will continue to consist of five members:

  • Gianbeppi Fortis, Chief Executive Officer, continues to guide the group’s strategy.
  • Amaury Boilot, Chief Financial Officer, continues to oversee administrative and financial matters for the group.
  • Luc Brusselaers, Chief Revenue Officer, coordinates the Solutions 30 group’s sales force to maximize synergies, standardize processes, and grow sales across Europe.
  • Franck D’Aloia, Chief Operations Officer in charge of transformation, oversees the integration of acquired companies and supervises changes to the group’s organization and processes. 
  • João Martinho, Chief Operations Officer in charge of performance, runs day-to-day operations, ensuring the efficiency of the organization and customer satisfaction.

The division of operations into two roles with a consolidated role for sales reflects a development strategy seeking a balance between organic and external growth, with the twofold goal of increasing market share and the portion of revenue that comes from recurring activities (63% of Solutions 30 group revenue at the end of 2019).  The Group Management Board relies on a Group Executive Committee to handle group-wide functions and on Country Executive Committees to manage each country.

Under the new organizational structure, Karim Rachedi will continue to work with Solutions 30 as a consultant for the Group Management Board, especially for start-up phases in new markets, as he has very successfully done in the past.

I have devoted the last 16 years to Solutions 30. It has been a very demanding adventure, one that has asked a lot of me but also filled me with passion. I am, and will remain, someone who feels most at home in the field, so I am very happy to hand over operational control of the group to João and Franck. They understand the company fully and have effectively managed it through a period of strong growth but also one that includes the sudden crisis related to the Covid-19 pandemic. For my part, I expect to remain involved with the group, helping it to enter new markets and continue growing. That’s what I know and like to do,” emphasized Karim Rachedi.

Gianbeppi Fortis, Chief Executive Officer, stated in conclusion, “Our group is ready to join the regulated market of Euronext Paris, with a balanced, solid organization and the new skills it needs to both provide more structure and maintain the agility and entrepreneurial spirit that are its strength. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Karim. I know that I can count on him to continue sharing his experience with the teams. The transfer to Euronext Paris sets the group on an ambitious path of development and reaffirms our objectives of achieving virtuous, sustainable growth. I am very pleased to welcome Luc to the Group Management Board to help us achieve these goals. His experience is valuable to us, and over the last year, he has done a remarkable job improving the structure of the group’s sales and marketing. More and more with each passing day, our teams show their unfailing commitment and involvement on a daily basis, even in a particularly demanding context. Together, we are ready to face new challenges and to lead the group towards the goal of a billion euros in revenue. Our markets have demonstrated great resilience and are making a very dynamic comeback after two months of crisis. Today, Solutions 30 is stronger and ready to pursue a development strategy that is both highly ambitious and also responsible towards all of our stakeholders.

About Solutions 30 SE

The Solutions 30 group is the European leader in solutions for new technologies. Its mission is to make the technological developments that are transforming our daily lives accessible to everyone, individuals and businesses alike. Yesterday, it was computers and the Internet. Today, it’s digital technology. Tomorrow, it will be technologies that make the world even more interconnected in real time. With more than 30 million call-outs carried out since it was founded and a network of more than 10,000 local technicians, Solutions 30 currently covers all of France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Iberian Peninsula, and Poland. The share capital of Solutions 30 SE consists of 107,127,984 shares, equal to the number of theoretical votes that can be exercised.
Solutions 30 SE is listed on Euronext Growth (ISIN FR0013379484 – code ALS30). Indexes: MSCI Europe Small Cap | Tech40 | CAC PME Visit our website for more information:


Analysts/investors:  Nathalie Boumendil | Tel: +33 (0)6 85 82 41 95 |
Press: Samuel Beaupain | Tel: + 352 2 777 4210 |


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