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Sword Technologies S.A., a Sword Group (Euronext Paris: SWP) company, as member of the I(P)NNOVATE consortium, has signed the Software Development and Maintenance (SDAM) framework contract of theEuropean Patent Office (EPO) with a budget of €300 ...

Sword Technologies S.A., a Sword Group (Euronext Paris: SWP) company, as member of the I(P)NNOVATE consortium, has signed the Software Development and Maintenance (SDAM) framework contract of the
European Patent Office (EPO) with a budget of €300 million.

Sword Technologies S.A., in a consortium with Everis Spain, has competed with worldwide leading IT services providers and has subsequently been awarded a 5-year framework contract worth €300 million for the Software Development and Maintenance (SDAM) of all the European Patent Office (EPO) IT applications and systems. Sword Technologies foresees a revenue of circa €100 million for this 5-year contract.

The European Patent Organisation is an intergovernmental organisation set up pursuant to the European Patent Convention, which entered into force in 1977 and is currently comprised of 38 member states. Its executive body is the European Patent Office (EPO), which has as its main task the search and examination of patent applications and the granting of European patents. The EPO has circa 30,000 end-users accessing EPO IT systems daily and operates from its premises in Munich and Berlin (Germany), The Hague (the Netherlands), Vienna (Austria) and Brussels (Belgium).

This framework contract is the most significant contract in the Patents and Intellectual Property field in Europe. It focuses on the development and maintenance of 30+ current IT systems and EPO applications in filing, search & examination, oppositions, appeals and patent information, with the potential to design and implement 40+ new systems, and is considered to be the cornerstone of EPO’s comprehensive modernisation strategy.

« Sword is proud to be in a position to contribute, via its services, to EPO’s vision and strategic plan for 2023, and especially EPO’s goal and corresponding key initiatives to simplify and modernise its IT systems.
With our commitment to excellence, we are certain that our services will facilitate the complete modernisation of EPO’s complex IT landscape and the Office’s goals will be achieved with increased innovation, security, scalability and flexibility. » said Dieter ROGIERS, Managing Director of Sword Technologies S.A.

About Sword Technologies SA
Sword Technologies SA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sword Group SE, is responsible for all business activities in Belgium and Luxembourg with a near-shore delivery centre in Athens, Greece.

About Sword Group SE
Sword has 2 300+ IT/Digital & Software specialists present over 5 continents to accompany you in the growth of your organisation in the digital age.
As a leader in technological and digital transformation, Sword has since 2000 acquired a solid reputation in software publishing and in complex IT & business project management.
With Sword, you have the guarantee of a strong close and qualified local commitment, the aim of which is to optimise your processes and data.


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