Sword Group: Results for the First Quarter of 2020

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Consolidated Revenue: €57.1 mConsolidated Growth: +13.1%Organic Growth at constant perimeter: +10.3%Profitability (EBITDA margin): 11.9% ANALYSIS10.3% organic growth for the first quarter of 2020 on a like-for-like basis. It is divided up as ...

Consolidated Revenue: €57.1 m
Consolidated Growth: +13.1%
Organic Growth at constant perimeter: +10.3%
Profitability (EBITDA margin): 11.9%

10.3% organic growth for the first quarter of 2020 on a like-for-like basis. It is divided up as follows:
- Software : - 8.4%
- Services : + 12.8%

The Software division shows a drop, mainly due to the postponement of licence revenue that was budgeted in the first quarter.

The Services division is suffering from the effects of the Coronavirus crisis, mainly due to:
- a drop in productivity linked to the new working organisation,
- the cessation of the projects related to events management with the European Union.


Without the Coronavirus crisis, Sword Group planned organic growth of 12% associated with an EBITDA margin of 13% +.

The Group envisages two time periods for 2020, with this scenario naturally having to be put into perspective taking into account the different hypotheses presented by our health authorities:

1. Hard confinement period that we are currently experiencing throughout the world:
For Software, continuation of the risk of postponement of licence orders,
For Services, additional risk of production reduction linked to the postponement of certain projects that will have to be completed when confinement ends.

2. Post-confinement period: during this period there will be:
A recovery period of several weeks in order to return to normal,
At the end of this period, we could envisage outperformance of Software thanks to strong growth in licence revenue.


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