Transforming Tech:Why Ireland is the place to be for the tech industry

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Transforming Tech : Why Ireland is the place to be for the tech industry ?

It’s official ­ Ireland’s tech industry is booming.

Ireland has fast become a hub of exciting breakthroughs in the world of the semantic web to
the development of the Internet of Things. From global companies like Google, Amazon,
Facebook and PayPal to exciting home­grown tech companies such as Salmon Software
and DecaWave, it is no wonder why Ireland is now ranked 8th on the Global Innovation
To gain insight into the industry and what it’s like to live in such a thriving community, we
spoke to Maja who moved from Serbia to Ireland and now works as a software engineer for
HubSpot ­ a job she loves.

So what’s working in Ireland like?

“It’s a great working environment,” Maja says – one of the many talented young people
heading to Ireland. “I absolutely love the Irish people, they were so welcoming to me when I
first arrived. I never felt like a foreigner ­ I feel like part of the community here. I’m very
settled,” she adds. “Hopefully, I will never leave Ireland.”

How has the Tech Industry changed in Ireland?

In the seven years since Maja first came to Ireland, she’s witnessed the tech industry grow.
“When I first arrived, there were few big international companies located here and just a
couple of start­ups,” she explains. “Now it has completely changed and Ireland is the tech
hub of Europe, nearly all the big companies have offices here and there are tons of jobs. In
fact, there are so many employment opportunities that my LinkedIn account is overflowing
with job offers and the company I work for simply can’t find enough people with the correct
skills.” The many tech­related events taking place here also interest her. “I go to events from
time to time and it helps to keep me updated,” she says. “There’s a big tech community in
Dublin these days.”

Interested in moving to Ireland?

Whether you’re a recent grad or hoping to take your career to the next level, in Ireland you’ll
have the opportunity to work with ­ and learn from ­ the best.
Join the smartest talent in companies of every size, stage and sector ­ from the biggest
names in tech to innovators making a global impact.
Find out all you need to know about the different tech roles available in Ireland and follow us
on Twitter at @TechLifeIreland and Linkedin.

Watch the Tech/Life Ireland video at the link below :

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